ATP Flight School Graduates Sitting in American Eagle Airplane Cockpit

Airline Career Pilot ProgramFastest Track to Become an Airline Pilot

Airline Career Solution, from Zero Experience through Airline Pilot Job, Proven by 25,000 Successful Graduates.

“ATP provides instructor advancement opportunities, quality staff, and unparalleled airline partnerships.”

Jack Baker

Airline Career Pilot Program Graduate

Jack Baker, Airline Career Pilot Program graduates are being hired by the airlines

Program Overview

The Airline Career Pilot Program is your fast-track, fixed-cost airline career solution and includes all the pilot training, certification, resources, and hiring partnerships you need to become an airline pilot.

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Start with zero time and complete the program in nine months. Gain additional experience and flight time as an ATP instructor, then start flying as an airline pilot in just two years. Airlines hire more Airline Career Pilot Program graduates than from any other flight school.

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Certificates & Ratings
Flight & Ground Training
  • 293 256 221 Hours of Total Logged Time:
    • 25 Hours of Multi-Engine Flight Time
    • 214 175 142 Hours of Single-Engine Flight Time
    • 54 Hours of Simulator Time
      Unlimited free practice when sim is available!
  • Ground & Training Materials:
Schedule & Time Frame
From Zero Experience to Airline Pilot

Start from Zero Time

$ 108,995 | 9 Months Fast Track

Start from Credit for Solo

$ 96,995 | 8 Months Fast Track

Start from Private Pilot

$ 86,995 | 6 Months Fast Track

Free Housing at Select Locations — Limited Availability!

Plus Training Center Premiums up to $3,000.

Full Financing Available + Airline Tuition Reimbursement

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Get the Competitive EdgeFlight Training Resources

Fast Track Flight Training Timeline

Seniority is Everything — Get There First with ATP

Achieve your professional pilot goals on an accelerated time frame and make your dream a reality. ATP pioneered fast-track airline career training in 1984 and has more graduates flying for airlines than any other flight academy.

Train how the airlines train with full-time, total immersion training that allows for efficient mastery of concepts and increased proficiency while preparing you for your career.

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ERJ 175 Cockpit

Advanced Aircraft, Reliably Maintained

45 New Planes Arriving in 2024

ATP invests in more new aircraft each year than many other schools have in their entire fleet. Learn to fly in the world's largest flight training fleet, which features advanced avionics and glass cockpit technology and is reliably maintained by ATP safety-focused maintenance centers.

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ATP Owns and Operates the Largest Flight Training Fleet

Unmatched Training & Career Support

Meet the Teams Invested in Your Success

Find success in training and your career with ATP's Training Support and Career Services teams. During the program, your Training Support Specialist provides one-on-one assistance to ensure you stay on time and within budget.

Then after graduating, your Airline Career Placement Specialist will help you get the most out of ATP's airline partnerships and land your dream job. Airline pilot mentors provide additional support before, during, and after your training, while the no-cost ATP Alumni Association provides you with exclusive benefits and services throughout your career.

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ATP's Pilot Hiring and Training Support Teams

Comprehensive Training Materials

All Included in the Price of Your Program

Immediately after scheduling, you'll gain access to ATP's online training library and ground school support videos, as well as receive a training bundle with all the books and reference materials you need. You'll use these materials throughout your training to complement the six weeks of Elevate ground school taught by ATP's nationally awarded instructor group.

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Flight Training Bundle Included in the Program Price

Nationally Awarded Instructors

Learn From the Best, To Become the Best.

Each ATP instructor shares your passion and is aligned with your goal. The quality and professionalism of ATP instructors have been consistently recognized by AOPA and the National Association of Flight Instructors.

One of the Top Flight Schools in the Country
NAFI Master Certified Flight Instructors

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Learn to Fly from Nationally Awarded Instructors

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Airline Partnerships & SponsorshipPilot Job Placement

38 Airline Partnerships
A320 & B737 Direct Programs
Tuition Reimbursement
ATP Flight Instructor
38 Airline Partnerships

38 Airline Partnerships

ATP's 38 hiring partnerships provide you with financial incentives, airline sponsored tuition reimbursement, and accelerated pathways to the flight deck. You'll have access to more partnerships than at any other school, allowing you to define your career path to any of the major airlines and take advantage of the best offers and benefits.

Airline recruiters are visiting ATP training centers and hiring graduates! Upcoming Visits »

A320 & B737 Direct Programs

A320 & B737 Direct Programs

Go Direct to Airbus or Boeing First Officer

Hiring partnerships with Spirit, Frontier, Avelo, and Sun Country allow you to go directly to the Airbus and Boeing flight decks as a First Officer at 1,500 hours.

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Tuition Reimbursement

Tuition Reimbursement

Partner airlines, CommuteAir, Horizon Air, PSA Airlines, and SkyWest, offer financial assistance to help you cover the cost of your flight training. The amount of assistance and eligibility requirements vary by airline, check with the specific airline you're interested in to learn more.

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ATP Flight Instructor

ATP Flight Instructor

Your first job after graduating will be flying as a flight instructor to gain additional experience and the flight time required by airlines. ATP is actively hiring graduates nationwide, allowing you to meet airline hiring minimums in about 18-24 months while taking advantage of airline-sponsored tuition reimbursement.

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ATP Flight School Hiring Graduates as Flight Instructors

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How to Become an Airline Pilot ATP's Airline Career Pilot Program Explained

Program Cost

ATP's fixed cost pricing includes flight training in excess of FAA Part 141 minimums to provide a realistic amount of training required by most pilots. While logged flight times may vary slightly due to flight checkride times and other considerations, we strive to keep you on track and on budget throughout your training. We want our students to focus on their training and their goals, not on unexpected costs or delays.

Fixed Cost Pricing

Free Housing at Select Locations — Limited Availability!

FAA Examiners' Fees & Knowledge Tests
Paid to examiner and third-party provider.
Financing Available Tuition Reimbursement Available
Zero Time Credit for Solo Credit for Private
Zero Time $108,995 $9,200
Credit for Solo $96,995 $9,200
Credit for Private $86,995 $8,400
Fixed Cost Pricing

Free Housing at Select Locations — Limited Availability!

$108,995 $96,995 $86,995
FAA Examiners' Fees & Knowledge Tests
Paid to examiner and third-party provider.
$9,200 $9,200 $8,400
Full Financing Available
Tuition Reimbursement Available

What's Included in Fixed Cost Pricing?

In addition to what's included in the Airline Career Pilot Program, you'll also need some pilot supplies you may or may not already have, like an iPad, headset, flight bag, and third-party app subscriptions.

Learn more about items you will need for flight training in our FAQs.

Can I Use My GI Bill® Benefits?

These benefits can only be used for the reimbursement of examiner and knowledge test fees and can not be used to pay for the program. Using Your Benefits »

Full Financing Available Apply for an ATP Flight Training Loan from Sallie Mae Today.

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ATP Student Pilot Flying in Cabin

78 Nationwide Locations

ATP's flight training centers are located near every major city in the United States, with multiple locations in some cities. Each school is staffed by experienced instructors with extensive flight experience and can teach you the skills and knowledge you need to become a successful pilot. With a network of 78 nationwide locations, ATP is the leading provider of airline-oriented flight training.

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Find a local flight school near you and start training today!

Receive Free Housing While Attending ATP's Airline Career Pilot Program

New Airline Career Pilot Program students at ATP's Carlsbad (CRQ), Phoenix-Mesa (IWA), Tampa (PIE), or Fort Myers (FMY) training centers are eligible for free housing, but hurry — limited availability!

Schedule by August 31, 2024 and start by September 30, 2024.

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It's Easy to Get Started! Join ATP — Become an Airline Pilot

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  5. Obtain Your FAA First Class Medical Certificate
  6. Reserve Your Class Date After Meeting the Prerequisites, You're Ready to Start Your Career

Admission Prerequisites

Learn more about ATP's admission requirements and prerequisites for the Airline Career Pilot Program.

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Steps to Enrollment

With just six steps, you could be on your way to becoming an airline pilot. Learn more about ATP's enrollment process.

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Free Program Information

Request free program information. We'll send you a PDF download, along with the Airline Pilot Career Guide where you can learn more about airline hiring, eligibility, seniority, pay, and more.

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Recent Graduates The Highest Ratio of Airline Placements to Students

Graduates Hired by Airlines in the Last 12 Months

Airline Career Pilot Program graduates are being hired by the airlines

“ATP provided the tools and community necessary for me to succeed… I wouldn’t have been able to do it at such an accelerated rate had I gone anywhere else.”

Cameron Quiseng

Airline Career Pilot Program Graduate