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Airline Career Pilot ProgramFastest Path to Become an Airline Pilot

Fast Track, Airline-Oriented Training Proven by Thousands of Successful Airline Pilots.

The Airline Career Pilot Program offers you the industry-leading resources and training you need to become an airline pilot at a fixed cost in just nine months (from zero time). You will graduate with a higher level of qualifications, opening more career opportunities than possible through any other flight school.

  • Pilot Certification through Commercial and Certificated Flight Instructor (CFI — Multi, Single, Instrument)
  • Airline Transport Pilot Certification Training Program (ATP CTP)
  • Advanced Training in Full-Motion Airbus or Boeing Simulator
  • Fast-Track, Total Immersion Flight Training
  • Airline-Oriented Procedures and Experience
  • Fixed Cost, with Airline Tuition Reimbursement
  • ATP Training Bundle and Comprehensive Online Training Courseware
  • 100+ Hour Multi-Engine Option Available

Start from Zero Time

$80,995 | 9 Month Fast Track

Full Financing Available + Airline Tuition Reimbursement

Or Start with Credit for Private Pilot

Flex Track Option and Custom Programs Available

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Fast Track Timeline Commercial Multi-Engine Pilot with CFIs in Just 9 Months

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Learn to Become an Airline Pilot with ATP Flight School

How to Become an Airline Pilot ATP's Airline Career Pilot Program Explained

Airline Career Pilot Program Explained

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Training ResourcesEverything You Need to Succeed

Your airline pilot career starts now with the resources you need for successful career training. Join the nation’s leader in professional flight training and discover your most efficient path to becoming an airline pilot.

ATP Flight School Aircraft Fleet

Largest Fleet of New Aircraft

The world's largest flight training fleet with factory-new Garmin G500-equipped Piper Archers and Seminoles, and technologically advanced Cessna 172s — reliably maintained by ATP safety-focused maintenance centers.

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ATP Flight School iPad Courseware

Comprehensive Training Materials

After scheduling, gain access to ATP's online training library and interactive ground school sessions. You'll receive a training bundle with all the books and reference materials you need, and train using King Schools courseware.

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ATP Flight School Training Support

Dedicated Training Support

Stay on-track during your program with ongoing assistance from ATP's dedicated team of Training Support Specialists who are unified around your goals and helping you stay on-time and on-budget.

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One of the Top Flight Schools in the Country

Nationally Awarded Instructors

Learn from the best. Each ATP instructor shares your passion and is aligned with your goal. The quality and professionalism of ATP instructors have been consistently recognized by AOPA and the National Association of Flight Instructors.

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Career Mentorship & Support Throughout Your Career

Map your career with mentorship through Airline Pilot Life before, during, after training, then land your job with ATP's placement services. Receive ongoing support and exclusive benefits through the no-cost ATP Alumni Association.

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Become an Airline Pilot Start Your Introductory Training Flight Today

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Get the Competitive Edge More Qualifications & Relevant Experience

Airlines hire the most qualified applicants. As an ATP graduate, you will achieve your goal faster than your peers with a higher level of qualifications and relevant experience, that open more career opportunities than possible through any other flight school.


Prepare for career success and train using airline-based operating procedures and callouts. Fly using ForeFlight and industry-standard Jeppesen charts in an airline-style environment supported by ATP's specialized Flight Operations team.

Total Immersion

Full-time, total immersion training allows for efficient mastery of concepts, increased proficiency, and prepares you for the style of training used by airlines.

Fixed Cost

ATP provides the qualifications you need and nothing you don't at a fixed cost based on realistic flight times that exceed FAA Part 141 minimums — others quote a minimum price.

Fast Track

Achieve your professional pilot goals on an accelerated time frame and make your dream a reality. ATP pioneered fast track airline career training in 1984, and has more graduates flying for airlines than any other flight academy.

Advanced Qualifications

You will earn all three flight instructor certificates and complete your ATP CTP using a full-motion Airbus or Boeing simulator. Open up more low-time job options with the 100+ Hour Multi-Engine Option, which gives you the flight experience desired by corporate operators. Only ATP can offer you this higher level of qualifications, making you more competitive for more career opportunities.

50 Locations

ATP brings high quality, accelerated flight training to more pilots in more locations than any other flight school.

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ATP offers a convenient, no lease, housing option in an upscale, fully furnished apartment with all utilities included.

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What's Included All at a Fixed Cost

Choose Your Starting Point…

100+ Hour Multi-Engine Option: Increase your competitive qualifications and expand your corporate and part 135 employment opportunities.

Flex Track Option: For working professionals, college students and those who cannot dedicate full time and need schedule flexibility.

Certificates & Qualifications
  • Private Pilot Certificate – Single-Engine
  • Instrument Rating
  • Commercial Pilot Certificate – Single-Engine and Multi-Engine
  • Flight Instructor Certificate – Single-Engine, Multi-Engine, and Instrument
  • Airline Transport Pilot Certification Training Program (ATP CTP)
Flight Time

305 Hours of Total Logged Time:

  • 25 Hours of Multi-Engine Flight Time
    (or upgrade to 100 Multi-Engine Hours)
  • 220 Hours of Single-Engine Flight Time
  • 54 Hours of Simulator (50 AATD, 4 FTD) Time
  • 6 Hours Full-Motion Airbus or Boeing Simulator

227 Hours of Total Logged Time:

  • 25 Hours of Multi-Engine Flight Time
    (or upgrade to 100 Multi-Engine Hours)
  • 142 Hours of Single-Engine Flight Time
  • 54 Hours of Simulator (50 AATD, 4 FTD) Time
  • 6 Hours Full-Motion Airbus or Boeing Simulator
Ground & Training Materials
  • All Classroom & Ground Instruction, Including CFI Academy and ATP CTP Virtual Ground School
  • Access to ATP's Online Training Library
  • Access to ATP Elevate Ground School Webinars
  • King Schools Private Pilot Ground School & Test Prep
  • King Schools Instrument Rating Ground School & Test Prep
  • ATP Training Bundle, Including All Books, Study Guides, Reference Materials, Backpack, and Polo Shirts
Competitive Advantages
  • Airline-Oriented Training, Procedures, Profiles, and Callouts
  • Crew-Style Flight Experience in an Airline-Based Environment
  • FAA-Approved 14 CFR Part 142 Airline Training
  • Full Career and Placement Services, Including with ATP Airline Partnerships
  • Free Support from the ATP Alumni Association, Including CFI Renewal, Discounts, and Events
Schedule & Time Frame
  • Immediate Access to Online Resources After Scheduling
  • Convenient Housing Option

Start from Zero Time Credit for Private Pilot

$80,995 | 9 Month Fast Track

$63,995 | 6 Month Fast Track

Full Financing Available + Airline Tuition Reimbursement

What's Not Included in the Fixed-Cost Price

ATP’s fixed cost pricing includes flight training in excess of FAA Part 141 minimums to provide a realistic amount of training required by most pilots. Logged flight times may vary slightly due to flight checkride times and other considerations.

The following additional costs are not included in your fixed price:

  • FAA Knowledge Tests - PAR, IRA, CAX, FIA, FII, FOI ($160 each)
  • Examiners' fees of approximately $7,200 $6,400 Paid in cash to examiner
  • iPad, headset, flight bag & other pilot gear that you will need (purchased separately)
  • Third party iPad apps & subscriptions

I loved the program [Airline Career Pilot Program] and how structured it was and to this day, I am glad that I chose ATP versus some of the competitors.

Paul Zapotoczny

ATP Graduate

100 Hour Multi-Engine Option Complete the Airline Career Pilot Program with 100 Multi-Engine Hours

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ATP Certification Training Program FAA-Approved 14 CFR Part 142 Airline Training

Airbus or Boeing Full-Motion Simulator Experience

Airline pilots must complete the Airline Transport Pilot Certification Training Program (ATP CTP) and this course is included in your Airline Career Pilot Program. The higher level of qualifications gained by attending ATP CTP will get you more career opportunities than possible through any other flight school, FBO, or academy. Airlines and corporate operators will hire only the most qualified applicants, and you will be ready with this ATP-exclusive benefit.

Airline Sponsorship & Career Opportunities

  • United Airlines

ATP has partnerships with 19 airlines, including agreements for airline sponsored tuition reimbursement, cadet programs, and more. The advanced qualifications gained in the Airline Career Pilot Program sets you apart from your peers and opens more career opportunities with the support of ATP's Career Services.

Full Financing Available

Thanks to the strong track record of ATP-trained professional pilots, Sallie Mae offers its lowest-rate undergraduate student loan products to ATP flight training students. ATP is the only flight school that can get you access to these competitive student loan products, which in most cases cover the entire cost of flight training for qualified borrowers.

Sallie Mae

Admission Prerequisites

Admission requirements and prerequisites for the Airline Career Pilot Program.

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Training Policies

Airline Career Pilot Program policies, payment schedules/financing, and attendance.

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Steps to Enrollment

Steps to enrollment and what is needed to meet admission requirements.

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What Others Have to Say

Thousands of reviews by satisfied graduates

ATP laid the foundation for success in my aviation career. Being able to excel at a fast pace gave me the skills and motivation to go from 0 experience to my dream major airline in just 5 and a half years.

Airline Career Pilot Program graduates are being hired by the airlines

Jordan Lascomb

ATP Graduate

ATP's standardization and call outs will put you in the right mindset for a crew airline environment. ATP helped me prepare for airline training at PSA Airlines by enabling me to self-study and learn material quickly to prepare me for the 121 training environment.

Airline Career Pilot Program graduates are being hired by the airlines

Hunter Faircloth

ATP Graduate

Proven by Thousands of Graduates Flying for Regional & Major Airlines

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Becoming an Airline Pilot Learn the Path These Pilots Took to Achieve Their Professional Goals

Becoming an Airline Pilot

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