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Whether you are starting out your pilot career with zero experience or looking to add advanced pilot certifications and ratings, fly with ATP for the best flight training available. Gain access to 70 training centers nationwide, the world's largest fleet of 448 aircraft (including multi-engine Piper Seminoles), fixed-cost pricing, and customizable flight training options.

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Airline Career Pilot Program

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Complete ab initio pilot training and certification from zero experience through flight instructor (CFI) certificates. Graduates of this program have gone on to fly for Delta Air Lines, JetBlue, American Airlines, and many other regional and major airlines.

Full Financing Available + Airline Tuition Reimbursement

Custom Programs Available

Introductory Training Flight

Visit an ATP Flight Training Center for an in-person look at what exciting training awaits you. An Introductory Training Flight is a great way to experience the level of professional flight training ATP provides and will give you further insight on what to expect during your future program.

Free Intro Flight with Loan Approval

Introductory Training Flight

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Ratings & Certificates

ATP Certificate

Our name says it all—since 1984 ATP has provided more Airline Transport Pilot Certifications than any other flight school in the country. Check individual programs for details regarding financing, GI Bill® eligibility and other discount information.

Full Financing Available + GI Bill® Eligible

Alumni Discount Available

FAA Approved ATP CTP

Multi-Engine Rating

Add multi-engine privileges to your existing Private or Commercial Pilot Certificate. In addition to the 10-Hour course, ATP also offers a 15-Hour Multi-Engine Rating program for pilots who need more training.

CFI Ratings

Add instrument instructor privileges to your current flight instructor certificate with single-engine or multi-engine privileges.

Type Ratings

Get the competitive edge and gain the next level of qualifications with ATP's Airbus A320 Type Rating Program. This 7-day course is the fastest way to get your type rating.

Full Financing Available

FAA Approved

Note: 14 CFR part 142 programs provided by ATP Jet Simulation, Inc.

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*Discounted crew price when you bring a training partner enrolled in the same program.
**Additional time must be allotted for the practical test and potential delays such as illness, weather and/or any additional training required.