ATP Graduate and Envoy Air Pilot

Airline Sponsored Pilot TrainingFinancial Assistance & Benefits

ATP is your fast track airline career solution from zero time to 1,500 hours — earn tuition reimbursement, financial assistance, travel privileges, support and exclusive benefits through ATP's airline hiring partnerships. Gain access to more airline career options than any other flight school, college, or academy offers.

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Types of Airline Sponsored Pilot Training Available for Airline Career Pilot Program Graduates

The best options and most flexibility — define your own career path.

Tuition Reimbursement

Airline sponsored pilot training is made possible through participation in ATP's Tuition Reimbursement Program. Here partner airlines make a financial contribution toward the cost of your flight training.

Airline Cadet Programs

As an ATP graduate, you can participate in the Envoy Cadet Program, where you can earn financial assistance, health and travel benefits, and take advantage of a flow-through agreement that allows you to fly as an American Airlines pilot.

United Aviate

As an Airline Career Pilot Program student, you can apply to join United Aviate — a tailored career path with clear direction and an expedited timeline leading to potential employment as a United Airlines® pilot.

Tuition Reimbursement Program How to Earn Flight Training Financial Assistance

Airlines have selected ATP as a preferred training provider to build their pilot pipelines with the best training in the fastest time frame possible. While working as a certified flight instructor, ATP's regional airline partnerships provide exclusive tuition reimbursement assistance to Airline Career Pilot Program graduates.

Specifics vary based on airline, check out each regional partner…

Envoy Air
Horizon Air
GoJet Airlines
Piedmont Airlines
Silver Airways
Republic Airways

Tuition Reimbursement OverviewCareer Path Timeline & Benefits

How does tuition reimbursement assistance through ATP's airline partnerships reduce the cost of paying for your flight training?

  • Airlines make a financial contribution toward the cost of your flight training.
  • Tuition reimbursement is paid directly to you if you are not financing your flight training.
  • Earn financial assistance per flight hour as an ATP certified flight instructor.
  • Continue earning monthly payments while flying as a First Officer at your regional airline.
Start Flight Training with Zero Experience
(Or with Private Pilot Certificate)
Graduate Airline Career Pilot Program
5-7 Months
Certified Flight Instructor Job
Tuition Reimbursement Assistance & Airline Benefits Begin
Fly for Your Airline
2 Years

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Frontier Direct Program Progress Straight to the Flight Deck at Frontier Airlines

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Frontier Airlines partners with ATP Flight School
Envoy Air Logo

Envoy Air Cadet ProgramHow to Become an American Airlines Pilot

If Envoy Air is your airline of choice, you'll become an Envoy employee while you continue to instruct for ATP, allowing you to take advantage of the following benefits offered by the airline.

  • Travel Privileges; Comprehensive Health, Dental & Vision Coverage; Retirement; Profit Sharing
  • Flow-Through to American Airlines, with no Additional Interview Required
United Aviate Logo

United Aviate How to Become a United Pilot

ATP Flight School and United have partnered to provide aspiring airline pilots, like you, with outstanding training and the most direct route to a United flight deck — United Aviate.

  • Clear direction and a tailored path to a career at United
  • Expedited time at the regional airlines
  • Earn Airline-Sponsored Tuition Reimbursement

You Can Become an Airline Pilot Airline Career Pilot Program

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Tuition Reimbursement Explained Achieve Your Professional Pilot Goals

Learn how the program works and provides ATP graduates with airline tuition reimbursement.

Tuition Reimbursement Explained

Recent Participants The Highest Ratio of Airline Placements to Students

Congratulations to these ATP graduates and flight instructors for continuing to advance in their professional pilot careers by joining the Tuition Reimbursement Program.

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What Others Have to Say

Fly with ATP and you will see why we offer the best training experience in general aviation.

ATP laid the foundation for success in my aviation career. Being able to excel at a fast pace gave me the skills and motivation to go from 0 experience to my dream major airline in just 5 and a half years.

Airline Career Pilot Program graduates are being hired by the airlines

Jordan Lascomb

ATP Graduate

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