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Fly as a Flight Instructor After Your Fast Track Airline Career Pilot Program

Build the Experience and Flight Time You Need

As an Airline Career Pilot Program graduate, you will have the certification and ratings you need to start flying as a flight instructor and gain the flight time required by airlines.

With your single-engine, instrument, and multi-engine instructor ratings, you will be amongst the most competitive and qualified as you advance in your career.

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Benefits of Instructing With ATPFlight Instructor Overview

Having your single-engine, instrument, and multi-engine instructor ratings open more flight instructor opportunities, including flying with ATP. As an ATP instructor, you have the option to build the 1,500 hours of flight time required by airlines about 18-24 months.

Get Paid to Fly

Earn flight, ground and simulator fees, plus bonuses.

Gain Experience Fast

Build time quickly to meet hiring minimums — Over 536,000 hours flown the last year.


Fly and teach using standardized airline-oriented procedures and comprehensive resources.

Largest Training Fleet

Fly the largest, most reliable fleet of standardized multi- and single-engine aircraft.

Tuition Reimbursement

Earn $17,500 in Tuition Reimbursement with SkyWest Airlines as an instructor (only at ATP).

Career Development

Opportunity to develop, build resume, and move up into roles leading fellow instructors.

Direct Programs

Recommended ATP instructors can participate in A320 and B737 Direct Programs with Spirit, Frontier, Avelo, and Sun Country.

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Proven by Thousands of Graduates Flying for Regional & Major Airlines

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The More You Fly, The More You Earn

ATP offers more flying than any other aviation cadet academy, college, or small FBO, allowing you to meet your career objectives faster than anywhere else.

Over 536,000 Hours Flown in the Last Year!

ATP Certified Flight Instructor Salary

ATP instructors earn the following hourly rates for flight, ground, and simulator (AATD), plus bonuses for their students' successful checkride passes. Higher hourly rates may be paid in select regions.

  • $20.70 / Flight Hour
  • $17.25 / Simulator (AATD) Hour
  • $17.25 / Pre- and Post-Flight Briefing and Ground Hour
  • When applicants pass a practical test on the first attempt:
    • $143.75 Bonus for Private, Instrument, and Commercial
    • $86.25 Bonus for all other ratings

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Career Development & More Ways to Earn

Flight Instructor
Flight Standards Instructor
Multi-Engine Flight Standards Instructor

ATP flight instructors have the opportunity to develop professionally, build their resumes, and earn more. Flight Standards Instructors lead and mentor fellow instructors while earning up to an additional $575 per month. In addition to building valuable multi-engine time, Multi-Engine Flight Standards Instructors can make an additional $862.50 per month.

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Airline Tuition Reimbursement Program

As an ATP Flight Instructor can you receive tuition reimbursement, sponsored by ATP's airline partners. Exclusive for ATP instructors is ATP's partnership with SkyWest Airlines, where CFIs can earn $17,500 in tuition reimbursement paid at $17.50 per flight hour. Only at ATP is this paid to you while instructing!

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ATP is Hiring Flight Instructors

ATP's Training Support team will coordinate the application process for eligible Airline Career Pilot Program graduates interested in becoming ATP flight instructors.

Interview & Preferential CFI Job Placement ATP Flight Instructor Requirements

Airline Career Pilot Program graduates receive preferential hiring and must meet the following requirements to be eligible for a flight instructor position with ATP:

  1. Complete the Airline Career Pilot Program with CFI, II, and MEI.
  2. Fail no more than two practical tests (checkrides).
  3. Demonstrate professionalism, adherence to standard operating procedures, and uncompromising attention to safety-focused decisions at all times.
  4. Have no prohibitive items on a ten-year background check, as required for airline employment.
  5. Commit to an available training center assignment within one week of receiving an offer.
  6. Successfully complete Instructor Indoc (an ATP on-boarding and proficiency program) in Jacksonville.

Instructor Indoc

To become an ATP Flight Instructor, you will be required to successfully complete Instructor Indoc before starting your training center assignment. This program focuses on making the transition from student to flight instructor, and emphasizes the reasons why ATP operates the way it does. It will relate your ATP instructor role to making safety-focused decisions, demonstrating consistent professionalism, and ensuring ATP’s integrity with our students’ investment. Finally, you will fly with ATP’s Flight Standards instructors to demonstrate your flight instruction proficiency.

Instructor Indoc includes 1 day of ground training followed by the flying portion, which typically takes 3 days to complete and is performed in Jacksonville, Florida. You will earn $1,000 upon check-in in Jacksonville, and that fee will be paid in the next scheduled instructor fee payment. You will be responsible for coordinating your travel to and from Instructor Indoc. To reduce out-of-pocket expense, ATP provides shared apartment housing during the flying portion of Instructor Indoc.

Training Center Assignments 77 Locations Across the Country

For eligible graduates, ATP will offer one or more training centers from which to choose for an instructor job with ATP. Training centers’ availability changes constantly, based on instructors advancing to airlines and current and future student load. An instructor position at your original training center is not assured.

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What it Takes to be a Flight Instructor Train the Next Generation of Airline Pilots

What it Takes to be a Flight Instructor

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Airline Career Pilot Program graduates are being hired by the airlines

“ATP provides instructor advancement opportunities, quality staff, and unparalleled airline partnerships.”