ATP's Dedicated Pilot Career Support Team

Pilot Career ServicesCommitted to Your Career Success

ATP is committed to your career success as an airline pilot and continues to invest in expanded career services. As an ATP graduate, you will have the placement support you need to achieve your goal. More than just pilot certification, ATP's mission is to provide you with the most efficient path to a successful airline pilot career. This commitment is proven by transparent placement data, pilots placed at airlines every year since 2001, and more graduates flying for airlines than from any other flight school.

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Dedicated Career Services Team Map Out Your Pilot Career and Find Pilot Jobs

During your Airline Career Pilot Program, you are backed at every milestone with ATP's training support team unified around helping you achieve pilot certification. After you graduate, you'll receive the full support of ATP's Career Services department. This specialized team will help map out your career and proactively place you in pilot jobs that efficiently lead to your end goal and major airline of choice.

ATP’s Career Services Team…
  • Monitors your flight time as an instructor and locates pilot jobs matching your experience and preferences
  • Curates a low time pilot jobs list exclusively for alumni
  • Coordinates interviews and applications with ATP’s airline partners
  • Assists with airline tuition reimbursement and cadet program enrollment
  • Schedules airline recruiting events hosted exclusively for ATP students and instructors
  • Identifies resources for resume and interview preparation to ensure you are prepared

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Proven by Thousands of Graduates Flying for Regional & Major Airlines

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Airline and Corporate Hiring Partnerships

With an airline-oriented approach to training, airlines and corporate operators trust ATP-trained pilots. This has allowed ATP to establish proven hiring partnerships with 24 air carriers, allowing you to qualify for preferential hiring, reduced minimums, and airline-sponsored tuition reimbursement. ATP's airline partners provide you with multiple cadet and pathway programs, while corporate and cargo partnerships offer an alternative path to gain experience and take advantage of today's hiring.

ATP Graduates Placed at Airlines Every Year Since 2001

Exclusive Low-Time Pilot Job Opportunities For Airline Career Pilot Program Graduates

ATP's career services team curates low-time pilot job opportunities exclusively for alumni and proactively assists you with finding the best option. Spend less time on your job search and more time on your training, career progression, and development as a professional pilot.

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ATP Alumni Association Connect With Thousands of Successful Pilots

ATP Alumni Association

ATP's no-cost, no-fee Alumni Association connects you with thousands of successful commercial pilots. Through exclusive networking events, mentorship opportunities, and a private Facebook group, you can establish relationships with those established in the industry. Many ATP graduates work as chief pilots, recruiters, and other corporate positions within the industry. By joining the ATP alumni network, you will accelerate your career through these connections.

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Get on the Fast Track to Fly for United Airlines® Get on the Fast Track to Fly for United Airlines®

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United Airlines partners with ATP Flight School Offering the Aviate Program
Airline Career Pilot Program graduates are being hired by the airlines

“ATP laid the foundation for success in my aviation career… from 0 experience to my dream major airline in just 5½ years.”

Jordan Lascomb

Airline Career Pilot Program Graduate

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