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Envoy Air Cadet Program Become An American Airlines Pilot

ATP graduates achieve their career goals sooner and have more choices of who to fly for. Envoy Air recruits commercial pilots trained by ATP and is one of ATP's 21 airline partners.

Envoy Air and ATP Flight School offer you the best and fastest path to becoming an American Airlines pilot. As an ATP graduate, you can participate in the Envoy Cadet Program, where you can earn financial assistance, health and travel benefits, and take advantage of a flow-through agreement that allows you to begin flying as an American Airlines pilot.

Envoy Air Cadet Program How to Participate

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The Fastest Path to an American Airlines Career.

Envoy Air has selected ATP as a preferred flight training provider and Airline Career Pilot Program graduates have the most efficient path to an American Airlines career compared to any other cadet academy.

ATP's proven training takes you from zero experience to the American Eagle airline in about two years, allowing you to then flow-through to an American Airlines pilot career in just over 5 years.

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Steps You Take to Participate in the Envoy Cadet Program Become an American Airlines Pilot

  1. Step 1
    Graduate the Airline Career Pilot Program

    Attend ATP Flight School and graduate from the Airline Career Pilot Program with Certificated Flight Instructor (CFI) certificates. Train in Dallas, home to the American Airlines training center and CFI Academy, or at any of ATP's nationwide locations.

  2. Step 2
    Gain Experience as a Flight Instructor

    Next, begin working as a flight instructor with ATP to gain experience. Successful ATP graduates are guaranteed a CFI position with ATP.

  3. Step 3
    Enroll in the Envoy Cadet Program

    Complete your first and last airline pilot interview with Envoy to join the Cadet Program (no future interviews will be required at Envoy or American). Participation in the Cadet Program makes you an Envoy Air employee, allowing you to enjoy health and travel benefits from the airline while you instruct and gain flight experience. Once you reach 500 hours, earn $500 in financial assistance for every 100 hours of flight time, up to $5,000. Payments are made until you reach Airline Transport Pilot certification minimum requirements (1,500 hours).

  4. Step 4
    Begin Flying as an American Eagle Airline Pilot

    After you reach 1,500 hours of total flight time, you will attend the ATP CTP course paid for by Envoy Air (valued at $5,000). Once complete, you’ll be scheduled for the next available new hire class at Envoy. An additional signing bonus of $17,100 (less the amount received in financial assistance) will be paid on the first day of your new-hire Envoy Air First Officer class.

  5. Step 5
    Flow-Through to American Airlines

    American Airlines

    Finally, you will have the option to take advantage of a flow-through agreement between American Airlines and Envoy, allowing you to fly for the major airline after just over five years at Envoy, with no additional interview required. Learn more about how to become an American Airlines pilot »

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Envoy Air Cadet Program Requirements & Benefits

Summary of Cadet Program Benefits

  • Flight training financial assistance totaling $5,000.
  • Signing bonus of $17,100 (less amount received in financial assistance).
  • Envoy Air employee benefits:
    • Travel Privileges for you and your immediate family on American Airlines flights.
    • Comprehensive health, dental and vision insurance.
    • 401(k) retirement with company match contributions.
    • American Airlines Group profit sharing.
    • Paid vacation and sick time accrual.
  • Proven pilot career path to American Airlines. Upgrade to Captain at Envoy in two years and flow to American Airlines in just over five years.

Envoy Cadet Program Requirements

Pilots must meet the following prerequisites and experience requirements to enroll in the Envoy Air Cadet Program.

  • FAA Commercial Pilot Certification with multi-engine and instrument ratings
  • Must be at least 21 years of age
  • Current FAA First Class Medical
  • IFR Currency
  • FCC License
  • Ability to work in the U.S.
  • Ability to travel into and out of the U.S. and to all cities/countries served by Envoy

For more information, visit online Envoy's Cadet Program or if you need help getting started, request more information.

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Airline Hiring & Placements

ATP Flight School has the highest ratio of placements to students of any other college, pilot cadet academy, or university, and has placed over 500 pilots with American Eagle (Envoy Air).

About Envoy Air Fleet & Crew Bases Information

How to Become an Airline Pilot
Flying for Envoy Air

Envoy Air, a wholly owned subsidiary of American Airlines Group, operates more than 150 aircraft on nearly 1,000 daily flights, to more than 150 destinations.

Crew Bases
Signing Bonus

Aircraft Fleet

  • CRJ-700
  • ERJ-140
  • ERJ-145
  • ERJ-175
Crew Bases

Crew Bases

  • DFW
  • LGA
  • MIA
  • ORD
Signing Bonus

Signing Bonus

Offering Envoy's Cadet Program participants $17,100 signing bonus (less the amount received in financial assistance) on first day of training at the airline.

You Can Become an Airline Pilot Airline Career Pilot Program

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