Corporate Jet Operator Hiring Partnerships

Corporate & Cargo Hiring Partnerships Stay on Track with More Placement Opportunities

ATP offers you pathways to all the major airlines and more than one option on how to get there. As an Airline Career Pilot Program graduate, you can take advantage of ATP's regional airline partnerships or fly for a corporate operator partner. Having access to these multiple placement opportunities is crucial in keeping your career progression on track. Not only can you begin gaining jet experience sooner, but hiring at corporate and cargo operators is more isolated from fluctuations in airline passenger demand.

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Corporate & Cargo Operator to Airline Timeline

Step 1: Earn Pilot Certificates & Ratings
9 Months

Become a commercial multi-engine instrument-rated pilot in just nine months through ATP's Airline Career Pilot Program. You'll graduate with your flight instructor certificates.

Step 2: Build Experience as a Flight Instructor

Earn 1,000 to 1,500 hours of flight experience as a flight instructor.

Step 3: Start Flying for Your Operator
20-24 Months

Accept an offer from one of ATP's exclusive partnerships and transition to flying as a corporate or cargo pilot. Build turbine time and gain valuable flight experience so that you can get to the major airlines first.

Step 4: Fly for Your Major Airline

After gaining experience ahead of other pilots, apply and transition to your major airline of choice, or continue to explore the unique opportunities and lifestyle of being a corporate pilot.

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