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Training Policies Enroll in the Airline Career Pilot Program

Please see our holiday schedule as it affects flight training operations.

Class Date Changes or Cancellations

Your first non-refundable payment of $995 made at the time of scheduling guarantees your position in a class for a specific combination of class date, training center and program. If you must reschedule for a different date, training center, or program, you will forfeit this payment and be required to make another $995 payment to secure the new class date at the current price.

Attendance Policy

As a student, you are responsible for regularly attending training events and making your best effort to complete training within the time frame of the program. If you are unable to meet the participation requirements and you wish to resume training after a long period of inactivity, ATP may increase the price of your program to the current price.

If you are unable to meet the requirements of this attendance policy, ATP may either terminate your training program, or impose a price increase if your program was started at a cost below advertised prices.

Required Availability & Time Commitment

The Airline Career Pilot Program requires full-time commitment. Students must be available for training seven days per week. ATP strives to provide two days off each week. Because schedules are built to maximize student return on investment and keep students on schedule with projected completion dates, weekend flying will likely be required.

Success in the ACPP requires flexibility and adaptability. There may be delays due to maintenance, weather, and other factors outside of ATP’s control. Students are expected to be present at the training center and adaptable to schedule changes.

Student Preparedness Policy

You must arrive well-prepared for each lesson. This means that you will arrive with all reading assignments complete, all videos watched, and home study work complete.

Lesson No-Show / Late Cancellation Policy

At ATP’s sole discretion, ATP may impose a $75 charge per lesson for which you no-show, cancel with insufficient advance notice, arrive late, or arrive unprepared. ATP considers adequate advance notice to be at least 24 hours before the lesson’s scheduled start time. Cross-country flights scheduled by ATP Flight Operations require the same notice.

If you are scheduled for an FTD lesson or flight training event, and weather or maintenance become a factor, you are still expected to arrive on-time for training. Your instructor will decide the appropriate course of action which may include substituting the planned lesson with another suitable to the conditions.

ATP understands that extenuating circumstances do occur, and will allow exceptions to this policy at its sole discretion. Any time your account incurs a cancellation fee, payment must be received before any further training will be scheduled.

Refund Policy

It’s simple and ethical: you or ATP reserves the right to terminate your training at any time, making you (or a designated lending source) eligible for a pro-rated refund which will be issued within 15 days following program termination.

ATP’s refund policy quickly accommodates students who elect to discontinue the program for any reason. It is important to receive your refund in an expeditious manner so you can use the funds to continue your flight training at another school, repay a loan, or cover emergency needs.

ATP is the only flight school or academy that offers this level of protection.

Height and Weight Limits

Due to aircraft operational limitations, students taller than 6'3" or weighing more than 250 lbs may be denied training in ATP aircraft. Learn more about Airline Career Pilot Program enrollment and admissions requirements.

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Payment Policies

Payment Schedule From Zero Time

Payment to Reserve Class Date
Class Date $20,000
8 Weeks After Class Date $20,000
12 Weeks After Class Date $20,000
16 Weeks After Class Date $20,000
Total Fixed Cost
Plus $90 for third party iPad apps and approximately $6,600 for designated pilot examiner fees.

Payment Schedule From Private Pilot

Payment to Reserve Class Date
Class Date $15,750
4 Weeks After Class Date $15,750
8 Weeks After Class Date $15,750
14 Weeks After Class Date $15,750
Total Fixed Cost
Plus $80 for third party iPad apps and approximately $5,800 for designated pilot examiner fees.

Programs specifications are subject to change, but not during your training program. See our fuel surcharge policy. Logged flight times may vary slightly due to flight check times and other considerations.

Payment Financing

ATP follows a multiple-disbursement payment schedule even if you choose to finance your training. This not only saves you from accruing interest on excess funds, but also gives you additional protection since ATP does not accept the entire amount of your loan proceeds up front.