A typical flight training day at ATP Flight School includes flying the Piper Archer

Total Immersion Flight TrainingWhat Does a Typical Flight Training Schedule Look Like?

Airline Career Pilot Program students participate in a variety of flight training lessons on a full-time schedule, requiring a full-time commitment, to become a successful pilot. Activities include guided independent study, flight lessons, Advanced Aviation Training Devices (AATD) simulator training, ATP Elevate Ground School, and ground lessons.

Total Immersion Accelerated Flight Training

For seven months you will be immersed in aviation as you train full time on the fastest track to becoming an airline pilot. Total immersion training allows you to immediately advance to new subject matter once a topic or skill is mastered. This will increase your proficiency, while saving you time and money.

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Full Time Training ScheduleUp To Seven Days Per Week

During a typical week at ATP Flight School, you will train five to seven days per week and participate in a variety of flight training activities and lessons. ATP strives to provide you two days off each week, however, students must be available for training seven days per week to keep you on schedule.

Learn to fly from ATP's nationally awarded instructors in a Garmin G1000-equipped Piper Archer or Cessna 172!

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Every Day is a Mix of Different Training Events

Each day will be a combination of guided independent study, ATP Elevate Ground School sessions, group study with fellow students, AATD simulator lessons, and flight lessons. In coordination with Training Support, your instructor will schedule events based on the program outline, training stage, weather, upcoming deadlines, and a variety of other factors.

8AM 12PM 8PM
Flight AATD Guided Independent Study ATP Elevate Ground School Ground Lessons
Flight AATD Guided Independent Study ATP Elevate Ground School Ground Lessons
Flight AATD Guided Independent Study ATP Elevate Ground School Ground Lessons

Training Events What Your Days Will Consist Of

Flight Training

Learn to fly in the world's largest and newest flight training fleet. Take the controls of a Cessna 172 Skyhawk, Piper Archer, and the multi-engine Piper Seminole for over 240 hours of total flight time.

ATP's Training Fleet »

ATP Flight School Student in Plane
ATP Elevate Ground School

Connect with fellow students across the country in ATP's exclusive interactive, instructor-led ATP Elevate Ground School. Sessions are delivered virtually for 14 total weeks during the private, instrument, and CFI stages.

ATP Elevate Ground School »

ATP Flight School Elevate Lesson

Working with your instructor, you'll learn procedures, practice maneuvers, and simulate emergencies in Advanced Aviation Training Devices (AATDs). When not in use, you'll also be able to practice in ATP's simulators for free, as often as you'd like!

ATP's Flight Simulators »

ATP Flight School Student AATD Simulator Training
Guided Independent Study

Utilize ATP's guided online courseware, training modules, supplements, and books for independent reading, studying, research, "chair flying," and more.

Online Training Resources »

ATP Flight School Online Training Modules
Ground Lessons

Receive foundational instruction in aircraft instruments, systems, aerodynamics, airport operations and weather planning in both one-on-one and group ground lessons.

ATP Flight School Ground School

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