ATP Elevate Ground School Prepares You to Become an Airline Pilot

ATP Elevate Ground SchoolAirline Career Pilot Program Exclusive

As an Airline Career Pilot Program student, you’ll attend ATP Elevate for private pilot, instrument, and CFI Academy ground school. A total of 6 weeks of Elevate ground school sets the foundation for your aeronautical knowledge and complements your flight lessons and one-on-one briefings with your instructor.

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Interactive, Instructor-Led

Ground school delivered by ATP’s award-winning senior instructors, setting a solid foundation for your flight training.

Nationwide Virtual Attendance

Allows you to attend from the convenience of your home and connect with fellow students across the country.

Six Weeks of Ground School

For two weeks during the private pilot, instrument, and CFI stages, you'll attend full-time, 5 days per week.

Included in the Cost of Program

This ATP-exclusive resource is included in the cost of your program, and there are no additional lessons or subscriptions you need to purchase.

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Six Weeks Interactive, Instructor-Led Ground SchoolSet the Foundation for Your Success

Private Pilot Ground School

At the beginning of the private pilot stage of training, you’ll attend ATP Elevate ground school. Ground school sessions comprise the first two weeks of your training. You’ll attend five days per week and complete 35 hours of private pilot ground school.

2 wks

Beginning Private Pilot Stage

Instrument Ground School

Two weeks of ATP Elevate instrument ground school is included in the Airline Career Pilot Program. Like the private pilot stage, you’ll attend five days per week for a total of 35 hours of instrument ground school. Covering topics such as weather theory and instrument flight rules (IFR), you’ll gain a thorough understanding of instrument flight while learning from your instructor in the aircraft and simulator.

2 wks

Beginning Instrument Stage

Flight Instructor Ground School

The first portion of CFI Academy is delivered virtually, where you’ll attend ATP Elevate full time. During this comprehensive two week ground school program, you’ll learn the fundamentals of instruction from ATP’s nationally awarded instructors.

2 wks

During CFI Stage

Seven Months Fast Track

Complete all the certifications you need for employment as a professional pilot in just seven months.

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Full-Time Flight Training

Immerse yourself in aviation as you train full time on the fastest track to becoming an airline pilot, with every day a mix of different training events.

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Airline Career Pilot Program graduates are being hired by the airlines

“ATP provides instructor advancement opportunities, quality staff, and unparalleled airline partnerships.”