ATP Flight Training Financing Through Sallie Mae for Airline Career Pilot Program

Sallie Mae Application Guide

The following information is being provided to help you begin the application process with Sallie Mae.

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Loan Product Smart Option Student Loan for Undergraduate Students
Who Are You? Student (Student is required to be the primary borrower. Parents/sponsors are not eligible to borrow on behalf of the student.)
Cosigner (A cosigner can initiate the application. Most applicants submit the student portion first then add a cosigner if required by Sallie Mae.)
Program Type Career Training School
School State Select the state where you plan to attend ATP (you will not be locked into training at a specific ATP location based on this selection).
School Enter "ATP", then select:
ATP Flight School, PONTE VEDRA BEACH, FL, 60058401
Select this school for all training centers. (Ponte Vedra Beach is ATP's home office and should be selected for all Nationwide locations)
To qualify for ATP's preferred underwriting with Sallie Mae, be sure to populate the next four sections of the application exactly as stated below.
Degree / Certificate of Study Certificate
Major/Specialty AIRLINE (Career Oriented)
Enrollment Status Full-Time
Grade Level Certificate / Continuing Ed
Loan Period

Enter an approximate start date and end date based on the duration of your program. Start from:

  • Zero Time: 9 months of training
  • Credit for Solo: 8 months of training
  • Credit for Private: 6 months of training

(Don’t worry – you can change it later when you’re ready to schedule.)

Graduation Date Enter the end date from the Loan Period above.
Cost of Attendance

Sallie Mae will automatically enter ATP's maximum cost of attendance as your requested loan amount. For your best chance of an approval, you should not request any more than you need. Do not include the additional items that Sallie Mae makes available for books, supplies and miscellaneous expenses, as ATP includes those in the cost of attendance. Adjust your request by selecting your program and adding expenses using the calculator below:

Select Your Location:

Find Nearest Training Center

Start From:

Overfunds from the loan are not available until you arrive at ATP for in person flight training. The Training Materials should be purchased out of pocket before your start date. You can be reimbursed from your loan funds once training commences.

ATP will send you instructions to receive the overfunds from your loan once you are an enrolled student. Options you can choose include using a debit card or having the funds sent directly to an existing bank account.

Cost of Attendance:

Admissions Deposit: A $2,995 payment on a credit card is required to enroll with ATP. Loan funds can not be used for the initial deposit. Once training starts and loan funds are available, the deposit amount can be reimbursed to the same card.

Estimated Financial Aid $0
Note: This type of aid is meant to assist students with college coursework. ATP is not a college - enter "0" in this section to proceed.
Requested Loan Amount
How Would You Like to Apply?

You can submit your application individually or with a cosigner. If you're not sure, you can submit the application individually to see if you qualify by yourself. The cosigner may be added to the application later.


You'll likely have questions while filling out the application, most of the answers can be found on this page. Please refer back to this tab during the application.

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For Additional Information Please contact:

ATP’s Finance Team

904-595-7946 Direct
[email protected]

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