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Becoming a Certificated Flight Instructor In the Airline Career Pilot Program

For six weeks, students complete the flight instructor stage of the Airline Career Pilot Program and become Certificated Flight Instructors (CFI). Training starts at home with two weeks of instructor-led interactive virtual ATP Elevate ground school. Students then travel to one of ATP's flight instructor stage locations, where they learn the fundamentals of instruction from ATP's senior instructor group. Students prepare for their flight instructor practical test with a combination of online learning, group study, and flight lessons.

Becoming a CFI allows you to begin earning an income in your new career as a pilot while you gain the flight experience needed to meet airline minimums.

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Nationally Awarded & Recognized Instructors

ATP Flight School instructors set the industry standard for professional airline-oriented flight training. The quality and professionalism of ATP instructors have been consistently recognized by AOPA and the National Association of Flight Instructors.

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Flight Instructor Stage Details

What's Included
Aircraft Flown
Certificate Earned

Certificated Flight Instructor (with single-engine and instrument privileges)

You will earn your multi-engine instructor add-on rating later in the program.

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Flight Instructor Stage Locations

During the flight instructor stage, Airline Career Pilot Program students attend one of the following flight training locations. Each training center offers a standardized and consistent experience.

ATP determines which location you will attend and assigns you a class based on your training progression. Even if you are already at one of these locations, you may be required to attend another. ATP will coordinate travel and housing.

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Airline Career Pilot Program graduates are being hired by the airlines

“I joined ATP with credit for my private license and finished up my ratings in just four months. I’m now a First Officer at United Airlines, flying the 787 Dreamliner.”