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Online Training ResourcesComprehensive Flight Training Materials

Immediately after scheduling your Airline Career Pilot Program, you'll gain access to your student portal and ATP's online training resources. ATP combines proprietary supplements and video lessons with industry-leading courseware to give you the most comprehensive and in-depth selection of training materials.

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Online Training Resources Overview

Student Extranet

Student extranet is your mobile-optimized web app, where you will manage your account, schedule, and progress with stage-specific dashboards. Before each flight, you'll prepare for success with proprietary lesson plans and study guides on student extranet. After you land, you will be able to review debriefing notes and request support, as needed, from ATP's training support team.

Training Library

Digital versions of the supplements and handbooks included in your training bundle are available in extranet's training library, as well as aircraft information manuals, avionics guides, advisory circulars, and more.

Ground School Support Videos

Produced by ATP's in-house video team, Ground School Support Videos complement instructor-led ground school and provide an in-depth look at a range of aviation subjects. Gain a deeper understanding and arrive prepared at your next checkride.

Flight Training Bundle

The books, reference material, and study guides a student pilot needs.

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iPad Information

Your iPad gives you access to courseware, charts, approach plates, test prep, and more.

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Prepare for Your Training

Steps to enrollment and what is needed to meet admission requirements.

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ATP Elevate Ground School Included in Your Airline Career Pilot Program

Attend ATP Elevate Ground School for a total of 6 weeks during the private pilot, instrument, and flight instructor stages. ATP's interactive, instructor-led Elevate ground school sets the foundation for your aeronautical knowledge and complements your flight lessons and one-on-one briefings with your instructor.

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Airline Career Pilot Program graduates are being hired by the airlines

“ATP provides all the tools necessary to build a professional career in aviation.”

Lance Larsen

Airline Career Pilot Program Graduate

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