Piper Archer tail

Flight Training Aircraft & Simulators The World’s Largest Flight Training Fleet

ATP owns and operates the largest flight training fleet in the world, with 496 aircraft. This includes single-engine Piper Archers and Cessna Skyhawk 172s and the largest multi-engine fleet, with 95 Piper Seminoles. The majority of ATP’s 496 aircraft are newer model aircraft, which are professionally maintained to the highest standards at ATP’s dedicated maintenance centers.


Current Aircraft Total




New Planes Delivered in the Last 2 Years


New Planes Arriving in 2023 & 2024


Equipped with Garmin Glass Flight Decks

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Training AircraftLearn to Fly in the Best Aircraft

ATP invests in more new flight training aircraft each year than other schools and flight academies have in their entire fleet. With each aircraft ADS-B compliant, ATP provides flight training students with advanced aircraft, reliably maintained by ATP's safety-focused maintenance centers.

95 Piper PA-44 Seminoles

All of the Piper Seminoles feature a standardized avionics suite that eases the transition between aircraft.

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Piper PA-44 Seminoles
206 Piper Archer TXs

ATP is currently taking delivery of factory-new Piper Archers. Used in the Airline Career Pilot Program, all of the new aircraft are equipped with Garmin G1000 NXi glass cockpit avionics suites.

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Piper PA-44 Seminoles
195 Cessna CE-172 Skyhawks

All of ATP's Cessna 172s are equipped with a Garmin Moving-Map GPS system. These aircraft are flown for Private Pilot training and the single-engine add-on portion of your training. ATP's Skyhawk fleet continues to grow, recently ordering 55 new aircraft with deliveries beginning in late 2023 and continuing throughout 2024.

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Cessna CE-172 Skyhawks

I had an excellent experience at ATP… I did the credit for private program and I ended up at Frontier Airlines flying the Airbus A320 just 2 years later. The resources provided, immaculate aircraft, and expert maintenance gave me all the tools I needed to be successful.

Kyle Whiteshide

Frontier Airlines

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ATP Flight School Expands Fleet Orders 55 New Cessna 172 Skyhawk Pistons

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ATP's Maintenance Centers 19 Maintenance Locations Across the USA

ATP maintains aircraft to high standards at nationwide maintenance facilities. Staffed by only the best technicians, ATP's dedicated maintenance bases provide students with access to reliably maintained training aircraft. Each center has an on-site inventory of engines, propellers, avionics, and other components meaning that no ATP airplane ever waits for a part, while line maintenance at every training center keeps aircraft flying with minimal delays.

360° Virtual Tour Simulator BayATP Phoenix - Mesa Flight School

SimulatorsAdvanced Aviation Training Devices, Flight Training Devices, & Full Flight Simulators

Frasca TruFlite
Cessna 172s and Piper Archers
Frasca TruFlite Flight Training Simulator
  • Actual Garmin G1000 NXi
  • Wrap-Around, 220 x 57 View
  • Realistic Learning Environment
  • Responsive Feedback Controls
  • Unlimited free practice for Airline Career Pilot Program students!
TRU Simulation Level 6
Cessna 172 AATD
TRU Simulation Level 6 Cessna 172 FTD
  • Garmin G1000 Glass Cockpit
  • Wrap-Around, 200 x 40 View
  • Responsive Controls
  • Realistic Feedback
  • Unlimited free practice for Airline Career Pilot Program students!
Frasca Piper Seminole
Truflite w/GNS 430
Frasca Piper Seminole Truflite FTD
  • 18 Flight Training Devices
  • Equipped with Garmin Moving-Map GPS Systems
  • Multi-Engine FTD
  • Unlimited free practice for Airline Career Pilot Program students!
Precision Flight Controls
Precision Flight Controls AATD
Redbird FTD
Regional Jet FTDs
CRJ-200 Regional Jet FTD
  • 7 Flight Training Devices
  • FAA-approved Flight Model
  • Realistic Visuals
  • Used in ATP CTP
Full Flight Simulators (FFS)
Full-Motion, Level D Simulators
Full-Motion Flight Simulators
  • Airbus 320
  • Boeing 737/777
  • Embraer 145
  • Embraer 170
  • Used in the ATP CTP

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The maintenance on all of ATPs aircraft is impeccable. Anything wrong with the airplanes gets fixed immediately, no paperwork is ever out of place.