Flight Training Aircraft & Simulators

ATP owns and operates the largest multi-engine training fleet in the world, with 93 multi-engine Piper Seminoles. Over half of the Seminole fleet are model-year 2000 and newer. Older aircraft are fully refurbished, and all are equipped with Garmin moving-map GNS-430 GPS and HSIs.

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Maintenance Centers

ATP Flight School Maintenance Facilities

14 maintenance centers in Atlanta, Dallas, Daytona Beach, Denver, Jacksonville, Long Beach, Houston, Phoenix, Oakland, Riverside, Salt Lake City, Seattle, Tampa and Wilmington handle routine maintenance and scheduled inspections on ATP’s entire fleet. An on-site inventory of engines, propellers, avionics, and other components means that no ATP airplane ever waits for a part.

ATP maintains these aircraft to the highest standards at our nationwide maintenance facilities. Our Airline Career Pilot Program features highly-structured, scheduled, airline-style cross-country flying. With the largest fleet of multi-engine training aircraft, ATP offers safety and high reliability while you build multi-engine PIC experience.