ATP CTP ATP Certification Training Program

  • 30 Hours Ground School
  • 4 Hours Fixed-Base Training Device
  • 6 Hours Full-Motion Simulator
  • Add $200 for ATM Knowledge Prep & Test

$4,895 / 7 Days

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The ATP CTP, located in Dallas Ft. Worth TX, provides the essential first step toward Airline Transport Pilot certification. Upon graduation from this program, applicants will gain eligibility for the ATP Multi-Engine (ATM) knowledge test, which you may take at select testing centers nationwide.

In preparation for the FAA’s highest certificate, training will cover aerodynamics, automation, adverse weather conditions, air carrier operations, transport airplane performance, professionalism, and leadership and development.

The training program will impart conceptual knowledge through academics and consolidate that knowledge through hands-on training in a fixed-based training device and full-motion flight simulator.

Your graduation certificate demonstrates that you have completed the training program required by §61.156, and will have met the prerequisite required by §61.35(a)(2) for the ATM knowledge test.

Note: FAR Part 142 Programs provided under Higher Power Aviation Inc.

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Days 1-4

Ground School

Classroom instruction of 30 hours will include aerodynamics, high altitude operations, air carrier operations, weather phenomena and weather detection systems, leadership, professional development, crew resource management, and safety culture. Ground school start time is 0800.
Day 5


FTD training will include 4 hours of training in a fixed-base training device, with instruction on navigation, flight management systems, and automation.
Days 6-7


Simulator training includes a total of 6 hours in a full-motion simulator, with instruction on low energy states/stalls, upset recovery techniques, and adverse weather conditions. Airline training centers operate 24/7. Expect your simulator session to be scheduled any time of day or night, just like airline training.

Note: Add $200 for ATM Knowledge Prep & Test. You may register for and take the ATM Knowledge Test at any time after you receive your CTP Graduation Certificate. Before attempting the ATM knowledge test, you should be able to consistently receive a 90% on the Sheppard Air practice tests. Since individuals study at their own pace, we request that you schedule the ATM knowledge test whenever you are ready.

There is no time allotted in the CTP Training Course itinerary for administration of the Knowledge Test. If you feel you are prepared and would like to stay an extra day to take the ATM knowledge test, you may coordinate testing with the scheduler when you arrive for training.


ATP requires a $495 non-refundable payment to reserve your class date. The remaining balance will be due at check-in.

Acceptable forms of payment are the following: American Express, MasterCard, Discover, Visa, cash, cashier’s check, money order, certified check, and traveler’s checks. These checks must be made out to “ATP Jet Simulation.”


Training facilities for the ATP CTP are located near Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) at ATP Jet Simulation training center.

ATP Knowledge Test Locations


Schedule your class date by calling 904-595-7995.

ATP requires a $495 non-refundable payment to reserve your class date. The remaining balance will be due at check-in.

Classes start every Wednesday and Friday

Start Time

Check In time is 0730.

Ground school start time is 0800.

Airline training centers operate 24/7. Expect your simulator session to be scheduled any time of day or night, just like airline training.


To be eligible for this program you must:

  • Hold a Private or Commercial Pilot Certificate
  • Hold an Airplane Multiengine Land Rating
  • Hold an Instrument Airplane Rating
  • Read, speak, write, and understand the English language
  • Be a US Citizen or Permanent Resident

Required Items

You must bring the following items for your training program:

  • Identification
      U.S. Citizens:
    • Un-expired, Valid US Passport (Blue), OR
    • Original or Certified Copy of Government-Issued Birth Certificate and a valid government-issued photo ID
      (Birth certificate must meet acceptable criteria.)
  • All Pilot Certificates
  • If you intend to apply for the GI Bill to help pay for this program (available in Dallas only), you must also bring the following required enrollment documentation:
    • Original certificate of eligibility or copy of screenshot of 22-1990(95) application
    • Photocopy of college transcripts
    • Photocopy of military transcripts (or academy grad transcripts)
    • First Class FAA Medical dated within the last 6 months
  • Web-enabled Mobile Device (iOS/Android phone/tablet)
Note: If you do not bring the required GI Bill documents, you will not be eligible for GI Bill reimbursement.

Dress Code

You will be training at airline training centers that have strict dress codes. The dress code for all training is business casual. Wear a collared shirt, long pants and business shoes. Military flight suits, shorts, jeans, t-shirts, tennis shoes and open-toed shoes are not acceptable.

What Others Have to Say

ATP CTP graduates are being hired by the airlines

“I was enrolled in the ATP-CTP during the class at the end of September 2015. It was a great class, and I learned an immense amount. (Since then, I have had the chance to compare it to CTP courses given by others and I still think yours is a superior program).

At the time, I was pursuing a "long shot", a second career as an airline pilot, even at my advanced age of 63 (62 at the time). Your staff and the students helped me immensely and gave me great advice. A tremendous collection of people. The last day of class, you folks provided me time with Rebekah Krone and Kit Darby who spent more than quite a few minutes preparing me for the application and interviewing process. That information and their encouragement was also significant.

Well, guess what? I am now a first officer with Skywest Airlines flying their CRJs (based out of SFO, near my home). I completed IOE a couple months ago. My attached picture is of me at Bakersfield after my very first flight back in March.

All my thanks to you and your fine colleagues!”

Jong Noah Fong
ATP CTP Graduate
HIRED: Skywest Airlines

Bridge the Knowledge Gap

This program meets the requirements of FAR 61.156. It bridges the knowledge gap between a pilot who holds a commercial pilot certificate and a pilot operating in an air carrier environment. Successful completion of the ATP CTP will ensure an ATP applicant receives the baseline knowledge and experience to prepare them for the duties, responsibilities, and challenges of an air carrier environment.

Ground School

30 hours of classroom-style ground school includes four modules:

  1. Aerodynamics (8 hours)
  2. Meteorology (2 hours)
  3. Air Carrier Operations (14 hours)
  4. Leadership & CRM (6 hours)

FSTD Training

4 hours of fixed-base training device (FSTD) training will include:

Full Flight Simulator Training

6 hours of full flight simulator training will include:

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ATM Knowledge Test

The ATP CTP covers specific subjects required by regulation. The Airline Transport Pilot Multi-Engine (ATM) knowledge test questions are developed by the FAA separately from required ATP CTP course content. It’s important to understand that even though the ATP CTP is a prerequisite for the knowledge test, the ATP CTP is not designed to prepare you for the ATM knowledge test.

In order to ensure you pass and obtain a good score on the ATM knowledge test, we highly recommend that you use Sheppard Air’s Flight Test software for the ATM knowledge test before you attempt to take the ATM Knowledge Test. We recommend that you study the Sheppard Air software before arriving for the ATP CTP so you can take your knowledge test as soon as possible after completing the course.