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Republic Airways Airline Pilot Hiring Partnership

Republic Airways

Republic Airways and ATP have formed an alliance with respect to Republic's interviewing and hiring policies. This agreement is designed to provide airline sponsored career track opportunities for future employment at Republic Airways and its subsidiaries for pilots completing training at ATP and meeting the following qualifications.

Agreement with Republic Airways

ATP has entered into an agreement with Republic Airways in which Republic Airways will conduct HR interviews and offer conditional offers of employment (COEs) to ATP students and instructors as early as the commercial phase of training in the Airline Career Pilot Program. Successful applicants will receive a COE, plus a guaranteed instructor job with ATP to build flight experience.

The conditions of the offer are that upon completion of the Airline Career Pilot Program, you continue to build flight experience as a flight instructor, until you reach 1500 hours of total time, receive ATP's recommendation, and complete the Regional Jet Standards Certification Program. Once these requirements are met, no further technical or HR interview will be required, as long there are no changes to your driving record / background check. You will simply report to Republic for new hire training in the 70-110 seat E170/175, the 74 seat Q400, or the E135/140/145.

The COEs are non-binding to the pilot, which means they do not obligate you to fly for Republic. If you later decide you want to fly for another airline, there will be no repercussions. But you get the advantage of a commitment from Republic to schedule you for a class date upon reaching minimums.

Seniority is Everything — Get there First with ATP

ATP is committed to your career success. This agreement with Republic Airways is one more advantage only ATP can offer.

Qualifications Required for Conditional Offer of Employment

Republic Airways will interview ATP students, graduates and instructors for a conditional offer of employment who meet the following requirements:

On-Site Interview Process

Interviews will be conducted on-site at ATP flight training centers as coordinated between ATP and Republic.

Qualifications Required for Employment

For pilots who receive a conditional offer of employment under this agreement, the pilot must meet the following requirements prior to employment with Republic Airways or its subsidiaries:

Monitoring Pilot Progress towards Employment

Republic Airways will use to monitor profiles of pilots who receive conditional offers of employment. Republic will periodically contact pilots through as they build qualifications towards employment.

Non-Binding Offer

Pilots who receive a conditional offer of employment have no obligation to become an employee of Republic Airways. The conditional offer of employment is Republic's commitment to the pilot to schedule a class date upon reaching minimums, assuming the airline is hiring pilots at that time.

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