TRU Simulation Level 6 Cessna 172 FTD

TRU Simulation Level 6 Cessna 172 AATD Flight Training Simulator

ATP's FAA-approved Level 6 TRU Simulation Cessna 172 Advanced Aviation Training Device (AATD) puts students in an ultra-realistic training platform designed to maximize knowledge transfer from the simulator to the airplane.

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Airline Career Pilot Program students can practice in simulators for free, as often as they'd like, anytime it is not in use or scheduled for a lesson by an instructor!

A 220° visual display wrap-around a replica Cessna 172 cockpit immerses students in a training environment that exactly mirrors the Cessnas in ATP's fleet. An advanced aerodynamics model based on actual flight data is paired with dynamic control loading, replicating the control feel and handling of the real airplane. This level of realism and fidelity makes it possible to introduce students to foundational skills in a safe and controlled environment, maximizing proficiency and the time spent learning in the aircraft through a more effective transfer of knowledge.

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FAA-Approved Cessna 172 AATDAirline Career Pilot Program Exclusive

Active Control Loading

A TRU Digital Electrical Control Loading (DECL) replicates the flight control forces of the actual airplane, providing for more effective training through a high fidelity, realistic simulation.

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Advanced Aerodynamics Model

The flight and aerodynamics model used is based on actual aircraft flight test data replicating the plane's stability, maneuverability, and controllability.

TRU Silumation Advanced Aerodynamics Sim
Real Garmin Avionics

Actual Garmin G1000 avionics is installed in a replica Cessna 172 cockpit, allowing you to master instrument operations on the ground and maximize your time in the air.

ATP Flight School Cessna Flight Simulator
Increased Transfer of Knowledge

The highly accurate and immersive nature of these AATDs allows for a more impactful transfer of knowledge and skill from the simulator to the airplane, increasing safety and training effectiveness.

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Get started with your Admissions Flight by completing this quick online learning module. Gain an understanding of the basic controls of an airplane and what to expect for your Admissions Flight at ATP.

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