Airline-Oriented Flight Training Prepares You to Become an Airline Pilot

Airline-Oriented Flight Training Graduates Hired by Airlines in the Last 12 Months

For over 40 years, ATP has specialized in the development of professional airline pilots. Every aspect of the Airline Career Pilot Program is optimized to prepare you for your future career, and the training you will receive is airline-oriented and based on actual airline methods and procedures. You will graduate prepared for success and ready for your airline interview, airline indoctrination training, and eventually flying the line as a commercial pilot.

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Airline Based Procedures & Callouts

ATP Flight School Airline Flight Training

Fast Track Your Career for Success

At ATP, you'll fly using standardized operating procedures based on the methods and practices used at part 121 airlines. Highly-tuned checklists, established approach profiles, and uniform callouts built on the foundation of crew coordination helps ensure consistent safety-focused flight operations — just like the airlines.

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Proven by Thousands of Graduates Flying for Regional & Major Airlines

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Crew-Style Flight Experience

ATP Flight School Career Services Team

Airline captains and first officers work as a crew in a highly managed, scheduled flight environment. ATP exposes you to crew resource management (CRM) principles and airline-based operations during the crew-style flight experience stage of the Airline Career Pilot Program. Here you'll fly with another student to gain experience operating in an airline-style environment. ATP's specialized Flight Operations team ensures safety and support for each flight through around-the-clock monitoring, as well as enhanced scheduling with flight releases.

Jeppesen Charts for ForeFlight Subscription

Electronic Flight Bag with Jeppesen Charts

Airline pilots fly with electronic flight bags, including digital flight planning software and approach charts. You will, too, in the Airline Career Pilot Program. Not only will you use this same technology, but you'll learn to fly using industry-standard Jeppesen charts. Airlines use these best-in-class charts so exclusively that they even test pilots on them during their airline interviews.

By training with them, you'll be proficient and ready.

Pace of Training Total Immersion Flight Training

For pilots transitioning to the airlines, one of the most challenging aspects is the pace of training and required learning during airline indoctrination and type rating training. ATP prepares you for this through full immersion training. After graduating from the Airline Career Pilot Program, you will be accustomed to the pace at which airlines train. This is one of the many reasons why airlines trust ATP trained pilots and why graduates are so successful during airline training.

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United Airlines partners with ATP Flight School Offering the Aviate Program

How Pilots Transition From ATP, to Envoy Air, to American Airlines

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Airline Career Pilot Program graduates are being hired by the airlines

“I [started with credit for private] and I ended up at Frontier Airlines flying the Airbus A320 series just 2 years later.”