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Earn College Credit Train with ATP Flight School

ATP Flight School students can be awarded credit for flight certificates earned at ATP placing them on the fast track to college degrees in aviation.

Utah Valley University

Utah Valley University (UVU) offers an online Professional Pilot Bachelor’s Degree. UVU will award up to 30 hours of transfer credit for FAA Certificates earned at ATP. An additional 10 credit hours may be awarded for the ATP CTP and experience gained while flying for the airlines. With just 120 credit hours required to graduate from UVU, ATP graduates flying for the regional airlines can have a third of their total coursework completed through their flight certificates and airline experience.

The online degree is perfect for ATP graduates wishing to complete a college degree while working full-time as a regional airline pilots. The flexibility of the online courses allows airline pilots to maintain busy schedules and access the courses at their convenience. Students enrolled in an online degree at UVU have the same benefits as on campus students, including federal financial aid to assist with tuition. To learn more call UVU at 888-901-7192 or visit their website.

Embry ­Riddle Aeronautical University Worldwide and Online

Embry ­Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU) will grant academic credit up to 34 credit hours towards a Bachelor’s Degree in Aviation to ATP students who earn a FAA Commercial Pilot License with Single and Multi-­Engine Instrument ratings and a Certified Flight Instructor Certificate (all included in the Airline Career Pilot Program). For more details contact ERAU at 800-522-6787 or visit their website.

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How to Arrive Prepared

Arrive prepared for your training with our Airline Career Pilot Program arrival checklist.

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These requirements must be met prior to your class date, if not prior to scheduling.

Airline Career Pilot Program graduates are being hired by the airlines

“ATP delivers what they promise…and is definitely the quickest way to the regionals. I would recommend it to anyone who is serious about an airline career.”