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Flight School Loans The Best Loan Option Reserved for ATP Students

Thanks to the strong track record of ATP graduates achieving their career goals, Sallie Mae offers its lowest-rate undergraduate student loan product to ATP flight training students. This competitive loan product covers the entire cost of pilot training and your living expenses during training. Sallie Mae offers flexible repayment options, including deferment of loan payments until your class date at an airline.

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Financing Option Available for Pilot Training

If you need financial aid for some or all of your training cost, ATP recommends you apply with Sallie Mae. Applying online is easy - you'll receive a credit result in about 15 minutes and there's no obligation to accept the loan or begin flight training with ATP once you've been approved.

Apply to Sallie Mae (a cosigner may not be required).

Sallie Mae Loan Features

  • Multiple repayment options plus a choice of competitive fixed and variable interest rates, providing even more flexibility
  • No origination fees and no prepayment penalty
  • Benefits and an interest rate reduction available
  • Rates that reward creditworthy borrowers
  • A quick credit result—Applying online is fast and easy. It only takes about 15 minutes to apply and get a credit result.

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Free Admissions Flight

If you are approved with Sallie Mae and qualified by an Admissions Representative, you will be eligible for a free Admissions Flight (valued at $195). An Admissions Flight is a great opportunity for you to find out what to expect in training and reassure you of your career choice before you enroll with ATP. Remember, there is no obligation to accept the loan or begin flight training with ATP once you’ve been approved.

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Pilot Training Loan Alternatives for Flight School

ATP has access to multiple loan options including merit-based lending from Meritize and an innovative line of credit solution offered by Center Parc Credit Union.

We are here to help throughout the process and make it simple to discover what lending options you qualify for. Feel free to reach out to us at 904-595-7946 or [email protected].

Airlines have partnered with ATP to reimburse your tuition and make a financial contribution toward your loan payment. Learn more about the Tuition Reimbursement Program »

Student loans can be the most stressful part about going to any school... ATP really helped make this simple and made me feel that I was being taken care of.

John Gerken

Airline Career Pilot Program Graduate

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