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Airline Career Pilot ProgramFastest Path to Become an Airline Pilot

As an airline pilot, seniority is everything. Get there first with the training proven to take you further, faster.

The Airline Career Pilot Program offers you the training, resources, and airline partnerships you need to become an airline pilot. Complete the program in nine months (from zero time) and start flying as an airline pilot in about two years – proven by more graduates flying for airlines than from any other academy.

Start from Zero Time

$80,995 | 9 Month Fast Track

Full Financing Available + Airline Tuition Reimbursement

Or Start with Credit for Private Pilot

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Flight Training Timeline From Zero Experience to Airline Pilot

Step 1
Graduate Airline Career Pilot Program

With airline-oriented, total immersion training from day one, you will graduate from the Airline Career Pilot Program in 9 months (from zero time), earning your Commercial Multi-Engine pilot certificate with Certificated Flight Instructor certificates.

Step 2
Gain Experience to Reach Airline Minimums

After graduating the program, you receive a guaranteed flight instructor job with ATP, where you can earn up to $42,000 annually with airline tuition reimbursement and gain the necessary flight experience to reach airline hiring minimums of 1,500 hours faster than any other academy.

Step 3
Airline Tuition Reimbursement Begins

During your time as a flight instructor, at 500 hours total flight time, you can begin earning airline-sponsored tuition reimbursement through ATP's Tuition Reimbursement Program

Step 4
Airline Pilot Job

After about 18 months as an instructor, you will be at airline minimums and ready to start flying as an airline pilot with one of ATP's 21 regional airline partners. As an ATP graduate you have the flexibility and choice to fly for who you want.

Step 5
Major Airline Pilot

Whether you have your sights set on American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, or United Airlines, ATP's airline partners offer you a direct path to all the major airlines, not just one.

Seniority is Everything.
Get to the Airlines First with ATP.

Airline Sponsored Tuition Reimbursement

Envoy Air
Skywest Airlines
Mesa Airlines
Horizon Air
GoJet Airlines
Trans States Airlines
Compass Airlines
Piedmont Airlines
Silver Airways
ExpressJet Airlines
Republic Airways

Earn airline sponsored tuition reimbursement

Airlines have selected ATP as a preferred training provider, providing you with tuition assistance and more opportunities of who to fly for, as well as direct path to a major airline.

  1. Graduate training in 9 months and flight instruct with ATP
  2. Interview with an airline at 500 hours total flight time
  3. Commit and start earning airline tuition reimbursement
  4. Fly for your airline in about 2 years after starting training

Full Financing Available

Thanks to the strong track record of ATP-trained professional pilots, both Sallie Mae and Wells Fargo offer their lowest-rate undergraduate student loan products to ATP flight training students. ATP is the only flight school that can get you access to these competitive student loan products, which in most cases cover the entire cost of flight training for qualified borrowers.

Sallie Mae
Wells Fargo

37 Locations

ATP brings high quality, accelerated flight training to more pilots in more locations than any other flight school.

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ATP offers a convenient housing option. You get a shared bedroom in an upscale, furnished apartment with all utilities included.

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Guaranteed CFI JobAfter Your Fast Track Airline Career Pilot Program

As an Airline Career Pilot Program graduate you are guaranteed one of the most desired flight instructor jobs in the country, where you can earn up to $42,000 annually with airline tuition reimbursement and build flight experience.

Proven by Thousands of Graduates Flying for Regional & Major Airlines

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Three Airline Pilots standing at IWA Training Center

Training ResourcesEverything You Need to Succeed

As an ATP student, you will have access to the resources you need to be successful. From comprehensive training materials to the nation's largest, best maintained training fleet, you will be provided with the support required for successful career training.

ATP Flight School Training Backpack

Flight Training Bundle

Pack your official ATP Flight Crew Backpack with the supplies you need for the Airline Career Pilot Program. After scheduling your class date, ATP will send you a flight training bundle that includes the books, reference material, and study guides a student pilot needs to effectively pursue an airline pilot career.

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ATP Flight School Cessna

Training Aircraft & Simulators

The world's largest flight training fleet with factory new Garmin G500-equipped Piper Archers and Seminoles, and technologically advanced Cessna 172s.

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ATP Flight School iPad Courseware

iPad Courseware

When you train with ATP, you train using the latest technology. Your iPad gives you access to courseware, charts and approach plates, and test prep that you'll use in training. Airlines use electronic charts in their flight decks and you'll use them during your pilot training.

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Train in the Best Aircraft Fleet of Over 387 Owned, Not Leased, Aircraft.

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Piper Seminole flying over water

What's Included All at a Fixed Cost

  • Private
  • Instrument Rating
  • Commercial Multi- & Single-Engine
  • Certified Flight Instructor – Multi-Engine, Single-Engine & Instrument
FAA Knowledge Tests


Flight Time

295 Hours of Total Logged Time:

  • 25 Hours of Multi-Engine Flight Time
  • 220 Hours of Single-Engine Flight Time
  • 50 Hours of Simulator (FTD) Time
Competitive Advantages
  • Airline Tuition Reimbursement
  • Guaranteed Flight Instructor Job
Schedule & Time Frame
  • Full-Time Training Schedule
  • 9 Month Training Time Frame
  • Training Bundle
  • Housing Option ($200 per week)
  • Locations Nationwide

Start from Zero Time

$80,995 | 9 Month Fast Track

Full Financing Available + Airline Tuition Reimbursement

Or Start with Credit for Private Pilot

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What's Not Included in the Fixed-Cost Price

ATP’s fixed cost pricing includes flight training in excess of FAA Part 141 minimums to provide a realistic amount of training required by most pilots. Logged flight times may vary slightly due to flight check times and other considerations.

The following additional costs are not included in your fixed price:

  • Examiners' fees of approximately $5,800 ($6,600 from zero time) Paid in cash to examiner
  • iPad, headset, flight bag & other pilot gear that you will need (purchased separately)
  • Third party iPad apps

I loved the program [Airline Career Pilot Program] and how structured it was and to this day, I am glad that I chose ATP versus some of the competitors.

Paul Zapotoczny

ATP Graduate

Start from Zero Time or With Credit For Private

Start from Zero Time

Admissions Flight
FAA Knowledge Tests
Total Logged Time
295 Hours
Single-Engine Flight Time
220 Hours
Training Time Frame
9 Months
Time Away from Primary Training Center
Approx. 8 Weeks
Start with Credit for Private Pilot

Admissions Flight, Private Pilot Certificate, 78 Hrs. TT, 8 Hrs. XC PIC
FAA Knowledge Tests
Total Logged Time
217 Hours
Single-Engine Flight Time
142 Hours
Training Time Frame
6 Months
Time Away from Primary Training Center
Approx. 8 Weeks

Family of ATP alumni and Airline Career Pilot Program graduates are eligible for a discount.

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Admission Prerequisites

Admission requirements and prerequisites for the Airline Career Pilot Program.

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Training Policies

Airline Career Pilot Program policies, payment schedules/financing, and attendance.

Training Policies »

Steps to Enrollment

Steps to enrollment and what is needed to meet admission requirements.

Steps to Enrollment »

Career Mentorship& Support Throughout Your Career

Receive pilot career mentorship before, during, and after flight training, through and the ATP Alumni Association.

Airline Pilot Life

Join the conversation and connect with a mentor on — the online community where you can ask real airline pilots all of your flight training and career questions.


After graduating, you'll have access to the ATP Alumni Association. No fees are required to join this network of 20,000-plus professional pilots. Receive peer-to-peer mentorship, career support, placement services, access to exclusive networking events, as well as free CFI renewal and product discounts.

What Other Have to Say

Thousands of reviews by satisfied graduates

ATP was the perfect decision to start my airline career. The fast pace along with the structure made it easy to stay on track and make significant progress. I know some people who started the same time as me and still are working on instrument while I’m at Compass Airlines. To anyone who wants to be an airline pilot, I always recommend ATP.

Airline Career Pilot Program graduates are being hired by the airlines

Codie O'Connell

ATP Graduate

To start, I would simply say I would not be where I am today without the training I received from ATP. The ATP program sets you up for the fast-pace training I encountered at Endeavor Air… I have met several pilots on the line that have been through ATP and I continue to promote ATP as the best flight school. If flying is your dream, ATP will get you there.

Airline Career Pilot Program graduates are being hired by the airlines

James Kelly

ATP Graduate

Recent Graduates The Highest Ratio of Airline Placements to Students

Over ATP graduates have been hired by airlines in the last 12 months.

Congratulations to these ATP graduates who have achieved the next step in their professional pilot careers. ATP is proud to have the highest ratio of airline placements to students of any flight school, aviation college, or flight academy.

Becoming an Airline Pilot Learn the Path These Pilots Took to Achieve Their Professional Goals

How to Become an Airline Pilot
Becoming an Airline Pilot

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Get the Competitive Edge Advantages Only ATP Can Offer

ATP's airline pilot training program far exceeds any other flight academy’s capabilities and offers you the most efficient path to a successful airline pilot career.

The world’s largest flight training fleet safely maintained by ATP's unparalleled nationwide maintenance department.
Job Placement
Guaranteed instructor job after training, earning up to $42,000 annually with airline tuition reimbursement.
Professional airline-oriented training for over 35 years.
Tuition Reimbursement
Airline sponsored tuition reimbursement (if qualified) makes your goal more obtainable.
Fixed cost based on realistic flight times that exceed FAA Part 141 minimums — others quote a minimum cost.
Housing option available with no lease commitments.
Time Frame
Fast track training – zero experience to airline pilot job in about two years, in most cases.
ATP offers full financing solutions for successful career training through multiple lenders, if qualified.
Fastest Path to the Airlines
As a pilot, your airline seniority affects everything. ATP gets you there first with more flexibility of who to fly for.

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