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SkyWest Airlines Joins ATP's Tuition Reimbursement Program

June 24, 2016

SkyWest Airlines

SkyWest Airlines and ATP Flight School are pleased to announce a new Tuition Reimbursement Program agreement, helping aspiring pilots solidify their career pathway to SkyWest Airlines. Together, SkyWest and ATP are providing a pathway for students to take control of their aviation careers. As part of this agreement, SkyWest will participate in ATP Flight School’s Tuition Reimbursement Program, and ATP will be one of 56 exceptional flight schools to participate in SkyWest’s Pilot Pathway Program.

With the ATP Tuition Reimbursement Program, SkyWest will reimburse pilots up to $11,000 for flight training costs at ATP. This innovative approach in airline pilot recruitment makes an investment early in a pilot’s career and actively promotes the profession by making the airline pilot career more attainable, helping ease the financial barrier aspiring pilots can face. This partnership between SkyWest and ATP demonstrates a firm commitment to professional pilot development and investment in the next generation of airline pilots. In addition to the financial tuition reimbursement, the agreement also creates a direct path for pilots to enter the SkyWest pathway, securing mentorships, access to company facilities, simulators and more.

“We’re excited to partner with ATP to provide tuition assistance and prepare a solid pathway to SkyWest Airlines for ATP students, said Tracy Gallo, SkyWest Vice President of Flight Operations. “Pilots at SkyWest Airlines have more career opportunities than at any other regional airline, and this partnership with ATP helps students at the 40 ATP locations across the country to truly take control of their careers by connecting with SkyWest Airlines.”

"SkyWest is highly sought-after by ATP graduates, and this program will further increase recruitment from ATP's pilot pool”, said Justin Dennis, Vice President, ATP. "We appreciate SkyWest's participation in the Tuition Reimbursement Program and their investment in a meaningful solution to the industry's pilot shortage."

The SkyWest Pilot Pathway Program along with Tuition Reimbursement prepares a clear path for pilots to launch their SkyWest career, where they enjoy an unmatched culture of professionalism, teamwork and success.

About SkyWest Airlines

As a leading air service provider offering global access to millions of people each month, SkyWest partners with the world’s largest network carriers including United Airlines®, Delta Air Lines, American Airlines and Alaska Airlines. With a fleet of 356 aircraft, SkyWest’s nearly 11,500 aviation professionals operate more than 1,800 flights each day to 209 destinations throughout North America. SkyWest is known for its industry-leading workforce, exceptional leadership team, and continued solid operational and economic performance. The airline is headquartered in St. George, Utah. Visit for more information and follow @SkyWestAirlines on Twitter.

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