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ASA, Trans States, and Pinnacle Hire 23 First Officers during On-Site Interviews at ATP

January 11, 2007

Atlantic Southeast Airlines
Pinnacle - Northwest Airlink

January 8th thru 10th, 2007, ASA, Trans States Airlines, and Pinnacle Airlines interviewed 25 pilot applicants during an on-site airline hiring event at ATP headquarters. Twenty-three pilot applicants received firm class dates or conditional offers of employment, based on successful completion of ATP’s Regional Jet Standards Certification course.

ATP's Airline Interview Prep
ATP’s Airline Interview Prep

ATP facilitated the airline interviews for pilots with flight time between 330 and 700 hours total time. Applicants interviewed before meeting published minimums thanks to the Airline Pilot Hiring Agreement letters ATP has established with the airlines.

The agreements are based on completion of ATP’s Regional Jet Standards Certification program, which prepares pilots for the airlines with airline-style training in a CRJ-200 FTD, and a comprehensive ground school covering jet aircraft systems, flight deck management, jet automation, crew resource management, flight management systems (FMS), and electronic flight instrumentation systems (EFIS). Regional airline pilots developed and teach the course, providing the added benefit of real-world operating experience to the learning environment.

Applicant Interviewing
Applicant Interviewing with Trans States Airlines

Trans States Airlines hired and offered class dates to 5 applicants. Pinnacle Airlines hired and offered class dates to 9 applicants. ASA notified 9 applicants of conditional offers of employment based on successful completion of a simulator evaluation.

With the success of these 23 applicants, ATP remains the leading provider of pilots to the regional airlines. In the last 12 months, ATP has assisted 150 pilots with achieving their career goals—more than any other single flight school or academy.

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