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Top Questions to Ask a Flight School How to Choose the Best Flight School for You?

As you research your training options, consider the following questions and ask other schools for their answers. Get the facts and you’ll soon see why so many professional pilots choose ATP's Airline Career Pilot Program to meet their airline career goals on time, on budget, and with access to more aircraft, locations, and job placements than any flight school, academy, or aviation university can offer.

Questions you should consider when comparing flight schools:

  • What training, mentorship, career support do you offer?
  • Do you own or lease your aircraft? Who maintains them?
  • How is your pricing structured?
  • What is the quality of your training, and are your flight instructors aligned with my goal?
  • How many of your graduates have gone on to have successful careers?

Scroll down for more top questions and learn how ATP stacks up to the competition…

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What resources are available to me to assist with career planning and placement?

ATP has formal hiring agreements with 31 leading regional airlines – more than any other flight school. Access pilot job opportunities through a dedicated staff of placement specialists and join a network of thousands of ATP alumni that will pay dividends during your career.

What kind of tuition reimbursement do you offer?

Only ATP provides you access to airline tuition reimbursement, which is actual financial assistance that directly affects your loan payment and increases your effective first year airline salary. During your time as a flight instructor, you earn $5 per flight hour in tuition reimbursement, with $500 monthly payments continuing during your initial year as a first officer. Unlike signing bonuses which could disappear at anytime, your tuition reimbursement is secured in the form of a contract between you and your airline employer.

Are your airplanes owned or leased?

All of ATP’s aircraft are owned, not leased, providing you with security in your flight training investment. Unlike ATP, most FBOs operate using leaseback aircraft, where a private aircraft owner makes their plane available to a school to rent. As a consequence, aircraft availability is limited, the school has little to no fixed assets, and you often will pay more per flight hour.

How many airplanes do you have? Are backups available to me if one breaks?

With the world’s largest training fleet, ATP owns over 447 aircraft nationwide, ensuring you are never without an aircraft during your training schedule. Over 50% of ATP’s fleet is less than 5 years old, making it one of the youngest fleets that continues to grow younger with deliveries of factory-new Piper Archers throughout 2021.

Is maintenance in-house (full-time maintenance employees)?

ATP operates 16 maintenance centers nationwide, which handle routine maintenance and scheduled inspections on ATP’s entire fleet. An on-site inventory of engines, propellers, avionics, and other components means that no ATP airplane ever waits for a part. Contract line maintenance is at every training center when ATP does not have its own full-time maintenance staff.

Do you require payment for the entire cost of training upfront?

ATP follows a progress-based payment schedule whether you pay cash or use a student loan. This saves accrued interest expense and assures that ATP does not hold excessive funds on account.

How much will housing cost me?

During your program, ATP offers you discounted furnished housing with no lease obligation.

What if I decide to quit during my training, how much will I get back?

At ATP you reserve the right to terminate your training at any time, making you eligible for a pro-rated refund which will be issued within 15 days following program termination. ATP’s refund policy quickly accommodates students who elect to discontinue the program for any reason.

What kind of full financing do you offer?

Unlike other flight schools who are unable to offer full financing for career training, Sallie Mae offers its lowest-rate undergraduate student loan products to ATP students, thanks to the strong track record of ATP-trained professional pilots. ATP is the only flight school that can get you access to this competitive loan product, which can cover the entire cost of training for qualified borrowers. In most cases, advantages include: full financing for qualified borrowers, cosigner release option, six month post-school grace period, and ability to postpone loan payments in six month increments, up to a maximum of 24 months after completing educational component of training while pursuing required flight training hours.

Fine print with quoted price?

ATP provides upfront, fixed-cost pricing in a way that differentiates us from most other flight schools and academies. ATP never quotes prices based on unrealistic minimum flight time requirements or stipulations requiring full upfront payment, and guarantees the fixed-cost quoted to you at the time of scheduling.

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