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Become A Pilot Your Airline Pilot Career Guide

Fast answers to most of your top airline pilot career questions.

A career as an airline pilot is exciting and there are multiple steps in the process. Explore ATP's Airline Pilot Career Guide for information about pilot licenses, salary information from first-year wages to which major airline has the shortest upgrade times to the highest pay scale. Whether you are just starting your career as an airline pilot or are already in flight training, use this guide to make your career path an enjoyable experience.

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Airline Pilot Requirements

You can become an airline pilot. Here is everything you need to know about becoming a commercial pilot starting with no previous experience.

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Commercial Pilot Hiring & Salary

Flying for the airlines has always been one of the most desirable careers available, and now the airline industry is making the career more attractive and attainable. Explore aviation as a career choice and you will see that the return-on-investment is the best of any career available today.

Pilot Hiring Outlook

Boeing, Airbus, and Embraer, all leading aircraft manufactures, project increasing (even doubling) their commercial jet fleets to account for the record number of passengers flying worldwide. These demands cause airline pilot shortage to be an ongoing issue for airlines.

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Regional Airline Pilot Pay

The shortage of pilots qualified to fly for the airlines is causing regional airlines to offer signing bonuses, tuition reimbursement, and other incentives. Compare the effective first-year pay at each regional airline, upgrade time from first-officer to captain, and how much you will earn.

Regional Airline Pilot Pay »

Commercial Pilot Salary

Airlines have been raising wages and improving workplace rules that allow for a much-improved quality of life for pilots. Commerical pilot earnings potential can vary considerably depending on seniority, aircraft and airline, but generally speaking, the bigger the aircraft and the further you go, the greater the pay.

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Airline Career Articles

Explore pilot licenses, certifications, eligibility, requirements, pilot salary information and current airline hiring outlook.

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Flight Training Articles

Explore how much pilot training costs, learn what it's like to be a flight training student, and how to evaluate training schools.

Flight Training Articles »

How to Become an Airline Pilot ATP's Airline Career Pilot Program Explained

Airline Career Pilot Program Explained

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You Can Become an Airline Pilot Airline Career Pilot Program

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