What is the uniform policy or dress code?

During training, students must maintain a professional appearance and adhere to the following dress code:



Everyone must maintain good personal hygiene. Pilots share small spaces in the training environment (cockpit/simulator) and must be aware of body odor, oral hygiene, and heavily scented perfumes or colognes which may negatively affect others.


Hair must have an overall professional look appropriate for business interactions. Female students' hair must be natural looking, clean, neat, and well groomed. Long hair that falls below the shoulder must be pulled up. Male students' hair may not extend over the top of the ear or be longer than the top of the shirt collar. Extreme hair colors are not permitted.

Facial Hair

Mustaches must be kept neat and well trimmed. Sideburns may not extend lower than the ear lobe. The area below the upper lip line must be clean shaven.


Jewelry must complement the pilot uniform and represent a conservative business appearance. One matched pair of earrings may be worn in the ear lobe. Tribal plug-style earrings are not permitted. Facial jewelry is not permitted. Jewelry must not interfere with pilot duties.


Airlines require pilots to keep tattoos covered by the uniform. ATP encourages potential airline candidates to consider the impact of that policy on their future employment.


Ball caps may be worn only when in the aircraft. The ATP ball cap may be worn at the training center.


Business casual is required for check rides. Ask your instructor for recommendations at your training center.


Please arrive at the beginning of the day with unwrinkled clothes to maintain a neat, clean, and professional look. You are part of a professional training environment. Even if you are not scheduled to fly on a particular day, you must adhere to the student dress code. You will be sent home each day that you do not comply.

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If you have any questions, please contact ATP Training Support by email [email protected] or phone at 904-595-7992.