iPad Courseware

When you train with ATP, you train using the latest technology. Your iPad gives you access to courseware, charts and approach plates, and test prep that you'll use in training. Airlines use electronic charts in their flight decks, and you'll use them during your pilot training.

Online Scheduling & Training Resources

Your student extranet is a mobile-optimized web app from which you will access:

  • Lesson Plans, Syllabus, and Program Outline
  • Online Scheduling and Calendar Sync
  • ATP Resource Library

Immediate Access

Immediately after scheduling your class date, you will receive access to your student extranet and iPad courseware.

Preview a free online lesson from ATP's training library.

King Schools Courseware

ATP partners with King Schools courseware flight training software.

ATP has partnered with King Schools to provide you with access to the best training resources available.

As an Airline Career Pilot Program student, you'll study using King Schools proven courseware – renowned for its quality and effectiveness. With ATP's professional, airline-oriented pilot training and King Schools' comprehensive, easy-to-understand approach to ground school, you'll learn from the best and be equipped for successful airline career training.

Third Party Apps Including Discounted ForeFlight

In addition to King Schools courseware and ATP-provided resources, you'll train using a few other third party iPad apps, including discounted ForeFlight.

Start From Zero Time Start With Credit For Private Pilot
ForeFlight Mobile EFB (Required) $80 $80
ASA FAR/AIM (Optional) $10 $10

Please have these apps downloaded and ready for use prior to arriving for training.

ATP does not provide an iPad — you’ll need to provide your own. See our recommended model .