ForeFlight Tips & Best Practices

Keep ForeFlight App Current

Apps are updated to fix bugs, add features, and to improve performance and stability. Before flying with your iPad, make sure ForeFlight is updated and has current data. Run the application before flight to ensure initialization and verify all necessary data is available.

To check for updates, go to the App Store and click Updates.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Learn how to use ForeFlight before you fly. Attempting to learn the app while airborne is dangerous. Be familiar enough so that the iPad doesn't become a distraction or hazard in flight. Practice loading and modifying routes and airports on the ground so you're prepared for inevitable changes while flying.

Airway Decoding / Bends Only

ForeFlight's default Airway Decoding setting is to show all waypoints along a selected route, often resulting in too much information. Changing the Airway Decoding setting to "Bends Only" will cause the viewable waypoints on the ForeFlight Nav Log and flight plan feature to be more realistic and manageable.