Guaranteed Instructor Job After Your Fast Track Airline Career Pilot Program

As an Airline Career Pilot Program graduate you are guaranteed one of the most desired flight instructor jobs in the country, where you can earn up to $42,000 annually with airline tuition reimbursement and build flight experience faster than anywhere else.

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Your guaranteed position as an ATP flight instructor is the next career step to build the experience and flight time you need. With guaranteed instructor job placement through ATP, in about 18 months you will build the highly-valued, multi-engine CFI flight experience required for the ATP Certificate and airline hiring minimums at 1500 flight hours faster than anywhere else — earning up to $42,000 annually with airline tuition reimbursement, at any of ATP’s 39 training centers nationwide.

Benefits of Instructing With ATP

  • Earn up to $42,000 annually with airline tuition reimbursement, based on how much you fly.
  • Gain ATP’s assistance with regional airline job placement.
  • Build multi-engine and total time quickly to meet airline and corporate hiring minimums.
  • Multi-engine dual experience rapidly moves you to the top
  • Work with dedicated, motivated students.
  • Fly the largest fleet of standardized multi-engine aircraft.
  • Free housing available during CFI SE and CFII training in Jacksonville, FL or Phoenix, AZ
  • Housing, furnished with no lease obligation, is available at training centers for reduced rates.

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Training Center Assignments

You will have the opportunity to instruct at any of ATP’s 39 flight training centers nationwide. Training center assignments are offered based on instructor turnover, student load, and other operational objectives.

ATP Flight School Map

The More You Fly, The More You Earn

ATP offers more flying than any other academy, college, or small FBO, allowing you to meet your career objectives quicker than anywhere else. As an ATP flight instructor the more you fly, the more you will earn, with an increasing flight hour rate based on how much you fly.

In addition to a $1,000 per month ground school guarantee and other rates for FTD hours, evaluations, exam proctoring, introductory training flights, and FAAST seminars, the hourly pay rate per flight hour increases with the number of hours flown that month.

  • Fly more than 100 hours per month: $20/hr
  • Fly more than 80 hours per month: $15/hr
  • Fly more than 60 hours per month: $10/hr
  • Fly less than 60 hours per month: $7.5/hr

The chart below compares how this increasing rate affects your monthly earnings.

Estimated Monthly Earnings Based on Hours Flown
Instructor Fees Chart

Guarantee Eligibility

Airline Career Pilot Program graduates must meet the following requirements to be eligible for guaranteed instructor job placement:

  1. Graduate from the Fast Track Airline Career Pilot Program
  2. Attend scheduled training events on time and meet knowledge test deadlines
  3. Fail no more than two checkrides (three or more checkride failures will require special review and may prevent your eligibility for guaranteed instructor job placement)
  4. Demonstrate professionalism, adherence to standard operating procedures, and uncompromising attention to safety at all times
  5. Have no prohibitive items on a ten-year background check, as required for airline employment
  6. Upon completion of your initial CFI rating, and prior to commencing training for additional instructor ratings, accept an instructor position at an agreed upon ATP Training Center.

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Instructor Proficiency Program

Free housing during CFI SE and CFII training in Jacksonville, FL or Phoenix, AZ. Candidates must successfully complete both multi-engine and single-engine modules that require flight proficiency to the level of Airline Transport Pilot Practical Test Standards, flying from the right seat. This level of proficiency is required due to the flight training demands of our customers for ATP Certificates and CFI ratings.

The instructor proficiency program includes approximately 4 hours of multi-engine and 4 hours of single-engine flight time for both prep and evaluation with an ATP Flight Standards Manager and Chief Pilot. Plus, you will receive unlimited access to multi-engine FTDs to stay proficient.

ATP invests approximately $5,000 into your flight proficiency to ensure you meet the high standards expected of an ATP flight instructor.

Airline Placement & Networking

Instructing at ATP gives you a tremendous networking opportunity as you work with pilots from all certification and flight experience levels ranging from U.S. military pilots; corporate pilots; regional airline pilots; independent aircraft owner/operators; and career-minded private pilot students. In the close-knit pilot community, your network will create additional opportunities which will ultimately increase your career earnings.

In the airline industry today, timing is essential. As an instructor for ATP, you will get the most opportunities to achieve your goals the fastest.

ATP's Airline Career Pilot Program with guaranteed instructor job is your fast track airline career solution from zero experience to airline pilot job in about 2 years.