ATP JETS Graduates 20,000th ATP CTP Student

ATP JETS Graduates 20,000th Airline Transport Pilot Certification Training Program (ATP CTP) Student

Irving, TX — November 28, 2023

Dallas-based ATP JETS has graduated its 20,000th Airline Transport Pilot Certification Training Program (ATP CTP) student. Training nearly 500 pilots per month at its 29,380 sq. ft Part 142 airline training center in Irving, TX, ATP JETS has scaled to become the largest provider of CTP training to the nation's airlines.

Nearly 50% of all new hire airline pilots attend ATP JETS for their CTP training, sponsored by their airline. Since first offering the program in 2015, ATP JETS has been trusted by 57 air carriers to deliver this FAA-required training through a commitment to providing airlines with the most professional, flexible, cost-effective training solution possible. Recently, ATP JETS became the first in the nation approved to deliver Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT) for the ground school portion of the program. This innovative approach not only saves airline partners thousands in travel and hotel logistics but also provides students with a better learning experience while delivering the same proven training effectiveness.

Travis Sowers Recognized as 20,000th ATP CTP Student

Beyond ATP CTP training, airlines rely on ATP JETS' advanced training capabilities to provide fully tailored programs and recruitment solutions. Innovative direct and jet transition programs effectively deliver airline-ready pilots at 1,500 hours – transitioning them from general aviation flying to advanced, highly automated turbine aircraft operations in a complex airline environment. As a Frontier Airlines Cadet and Airline Career Pilot Program graduate, Travis Sowers not only had the honor of being recognized as the 20,000th ATP CTP student but is also participating in just such a program.

ATP's 20,000th ATP CTP graduate, Travis Sowers with Certificate

Each direct program is customized to the individual airline's needs, combining an enhanced ATP CTP with a jet transition course and even a complete Airbus A320 type rating in Frontier's case. Year to date, ATP JETS has transitioned nearly 300 pilots to Avelo, Frontier, Spirit, and Sun Country through Direct Programs at 1,500 hours. The majority of these pilots are graduates of ATP Flight School's Airline Career Pilot Program.

With the delivery of five new, state-of-art Airbus A320 Flight Simulation Training Devices (FSTDs) in 2023 and increasing efficiency through the introduction of VILT, ATP JETS is positioned to continue its growth and meet historic levels of pilot hiring and the demands of its airline partners.

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