ATP Flight School - San Luis Obispo, California

ATP Flight School Brings Airline Pilot Training to San Luis Obispo Ahead of a Post-Pandemic Pilot Shortage

San Luis Obispo, CA — October 29, 2021

ATP Flight School’s newest training center is now open at the San Luis County Regional Airport (SBP) in San Luis Obispo, CA. As the nation's largest flight school, this new facility marks ATP’s 70th training center and brings airline-oriented pilot training to the San Luis community.

Situated between ATP’s existing operations in Northern California and Southern California, the San Luis Obispo training center offers aspiring pilots in the Golden State with access to ATP’s proven Airline Career Pilot Program. This airline career path is the fastest track to becoming an airline pilot. Students start with either zero experience or a private pilot certificate and graduate in just seven months with their commercial pilot and flight instructor certificates, allowing them to quickly establish their careers and capitalize on the post-pandemic pilot shortage.

ATP is the leading supplier of airline pilots to the nation’s airlines and students at SBP now have the opportunity to take advantage of ATP's hiring alliances. Over 30 airline partnerships provide graduates with a fast track to all major airlines as well as access to financial incentives including airline-sponsored tuition reimbursement. Most recently, ATP announced a new partnership and accelerated pathway for ATP graduates to advance their career directly to Sun Country Airlines as Boeing 737 First Officers.

As the industry faces a post-pandemic pilot shortage, San Luis Obispo will be integral in the development of airline pilots to meet this demand…

Michael Arnold

ATP Director of Marketing

“As the industry faces a post-pandemic pilot shortage, San Luis Obispo will be integral in the development of airline pilots to meet this demand,” said Michael Arnold, Director of Marketing, ATP Flight School. “We're proud to join the San Luis community and provide career-focused students with the most efficient path to a successful airline pilot career.”

ATP is now scheduling Airline Career Pilot Program class dates at the San Luis Obispo training center. Admission flights can be scheduled by calling 904-595-7950.

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About ATP Flight School Training Pilots Since 1984

ATP's Airline Career Pilot Program prepares pilots for airline careers from zero time to 1,500 hours, with CFI jobs and airline employment. Addressing the pilot shortage, airlines attract new pilots to the industry with ATP's Tuition Reimbursement Program, where airlines sponsor a portion of pilots' flight training loan repayment. ATP also provides type-rating and ATP CTP certification. ATP's 592 aircraft fly over 536,000 hours each year to provide over 12,200 FAA pilot certificates and ratings. As America's largest flight school, ATP is the leading supplier of professionally trained pilots to the nation's regional airlines.

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