Flight Training Programs

ATP offers almost every possible combination of multi-engine FAA pilot certification, ranging from Private Multi-Engine ratings to Multi-Engine Instrument Instructor ratings to Airline Transport Pilot certificates. Please choose a certification level or training interest to see all available programs.

Airline Career Pilot Program

ATP’s Airline Career Pilot Program ab initio pilot training starts from zero time or credit for a private pilot certificate and trains you to commercial multi instrument and certified flight instructor with single, multi and instrument ratings. An instructor job guarantee, Part 135 placement opportunities, and conditional offers of employment from the leading regional airlines make ATP your best choice for professional flight training. Our PilotPool.com team provides placement and networking assistance from your first instructor job through placement with a major airline. ATP is your airline career solution.

Airline Transport Pilot Certification

Our name says it all—since 1984 ATP has provided more Airline Transport Pilot Certification than any other flight school in the country. From the new ATP CTP to the knowledge test, to the flight practical test or type rating, you can count on ATP.

Type Ratings – B737 Next Gen & Classic

In partnership with Higher Power Aviation, ATP offers B737 Type Ratings.

Regional Jet Training

ATP offers Regional Jet Training to fit the needs of Regional Airline Pilot applicants. These programs include flight experience in a true-to-life CRJ-200 Flight Training Device with full systems functionality.

Multi-Engine Ratings

Add a Multi-Engine Rating to your Private or Commercial license. With a fleet of 100 multi-engine Piper Seminoles, ATP is the nation’s leader in multi-engine flight training.

Instrument Rating

Fly IFR with confidence and learn the Garmin G1000 (Cessna 172) or G500 (Piper Archer) with ATP's Instrument Rating Program.

Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) Ratings

ATP offers CFI programs ranging from the initial CFI certificate to multi-engine and instrument instructor ratings.

Intro Training Flight

We invite you to visit an ATP Flight Training Center for an in-person look at what exciting training awaits you. ATP's Intro Training Flight is a great way to experience the level of professional flight training ATP provides and will give you further insight on what to expect during your future program.

Get started today by completing the free, no obligation, Intro Training Flight On-Line Learning Module.

Intro Training Flight

"Finish-Up" Flight Training Programs

Already started your flight training? Finish with ATP and receive credit for previous training and experience. Check out our customizable finish-up programs: