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ATP Flight School and SkyWest Airlines Invest in the Next Generation of Airline Pilots with Increased Tuition Reimbursement

Jacksonville, FL — February 10, 2020

SkyWest Airlines

ATP Flight School is pleased to announce an enhanced partnership with SkyWest Airlines. In an update to their current partnership with ATP, SkyWest Airlines has increased tuition reimbursement to $17,500 for pilots training with ATP Flight School, reaffirming their shared commitment to developing the industry’s best pilots.

ATP provides students with quality airline-oriented flight training; taking students with zero experience and paving a way to a successful commercial airline career with the SkyWest Airlines Pilot Pathway Program.

As an ATP flight instructor, pilots are then eligible to apply for the SkyWest Airlines Pilot Pathway Program and, once accepted, begin incrementally receiving the $17,500 in tuition reimbursement. Flight instructors in the SkyWest Pilot Pathway Program also receive career mentorship, enhanced company seniority and a guaranteed first officer interview, and more. This innovative approach to airline pilot recruitment takes an early investment in a pilot's career. It actively promotes the profession and makes it more attainable by helping ease the financial barrier aspiring pilots can face.

“For over 35 years, ATP has consistently delivered the most efficient path to successful airline pilot careers,” said Michael Arnold, Director of Marketing, ATP. “We are proud to work with SkyWest on continuing to invest in the career success of our students, offering greater opportunity, and supporting the nation's next generation of airline pilots.”

…We appreciate our ATP partnership and look forward to bringing more exceptional pilots to fly SkyWest’s growing fleet.

Tracy Gallo

SkyWest Airlines Vice President Flight Operations

“We’re pleased to enhance our ATP partnership and advance our commitment to proficient aviators,” said Tracy Gallo, SkyWest Airlines Vice President Flight Operations. “We appreciate our ATP partnership and look forward to bringing more exceptional pilots to fly SkyWest’s growing fleet.”

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