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Virtual Announcement — June 22, 2011

American Eagle Airlines recently used ATP's pilot recruitment tool,, to reach out to hundreds of pilots to notify them of newly reduced hiring minimums. American Eagle also announced that they will interview pilots who have 500 hours of total flight experience with 50 hours of multi-engine experience. If the pilot completes the interview successfully, they will be sent to participate in ATP's Regional Jet Standards Certification Program, paid-for by American Eagle.

The post stated: "American Eagle Airlines is excited to announce that we have adjusted our new hiring minimum. American Eagles hiring goals are to hire over 670 pilots in 2011, and foresee hiring to continue into 2012.

Our new minimums are as follows:

  • 500 total time with 50 hours multi-engine
  • Successful completion of the hiring process
  • Successful completion of ATP's Regional Jet Standards Course (Paid for by American Eagle Airlines)
  • Two year signed commitment to fly for American Eagle Airlines"

Pilot Pool Airline Recruitment is a pilot recruitment tool that airlines have been using as a first point of contact to track and recruit all past and present customers of ATP as they work their way through the flight training pipeline. ATP Airline Career Pilot Program students are tracked real-time by recruiters and the student themselves can see exactly where they stand with respect to their peers and airline hiring minimums. A pilot using will be notified when a recruiter has accessed their profile or downloaded their resume. Likewise, recruiters can make sure they are notified when a pilot they have been tracking reaches a certain milestone in their flight training that meets their hiring criteria. The recruiters can then use to contact the pilot and arrange for an interview.

In 1984 ATP pioneered cost-efficient, accelerated, multi-engine flight training with an emphasis on pilot career development. Today, ATP’s Airline Training Programs prepare graduates for airline pilot and corporate pilot careers with nationwide flight experience in the largest, multi-engine training fleet. Advanced jet training transitions these pilots from light twins to modern regional jets in CRJ-200 flight training devices. With thousands of graduates who have completed airline training on time and on budget, airlines come to ATP first to meet their demand for pilots. ATP flies over 7,500 hours to provide more than 300 FAA pilot certifications each month at 25 locations nationwide.

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ATP's Airline Career Pilot Program prepares pilots for airline careers from zero time to 1,500 hours, with CFI jobs and airline employment. Addressing the pilot shortage, airlines attract new pilots to the industry with ATP's Tuition Reimbursement Program, where airlines sponsor a portion of pilots' flight training loan repayment. ATP also provides type-rating and ATP CTP certification. ATP's 592 aircraft fly over 536,000 hours each year to provide over 12,200 FAA pilot certificates and ratings. As America's largest flight school, ATP is the leading supplier of professionally trained pilots to the nation's regional airlines.

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