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American Eagle Exclusive Hiring Event

American Eagle Hiring Event

Thursday, July 22 at 10:00 AM — ATP Headquarters, Jacksonville Beach

American Eagle Airlines sent their best Pilot Recruiters to ATP Flight School’s Corporate Headquarters Thursday July 22nd to speak with a packed room of ATP Flight Instructors, Students and guests.

Richard King, Manager of Pilot Recruitment for American Eagle, began the presentation by updating the audience about the present and future need for qualified pilots to fly for American Eagle. He spoke about:

  • Increased pilot hiring across the industry
  • The addition of 22 Regional Jets to American Eagle’s fleet
  • American Eagle Captains flowing to American Airlines, which means faster upgrades and more hiring
  • The importance of ATP’s Regional Jet Standards Certification Program to the success of pilots during the application process and new-hire training

Richard then introduced his top Recruiters, Mark Manny and Tony La Rotta, who led the group through the application process and the procedure when a pilot is given a conditional offer of employment. He then described in detail what a newly hired pilot can expect during Ground School, Simulator Training and then Initial Operating Experience (IOE) with American Eagle.

The Recruiters then concluded the very informative presentation which included comments by Eagle’s top executives.

Mr. King then returned to the podium for a few comments about what can make your resume stand out in which he noted the importance of:

  • Multi-Engine experience
  • Flight Instructor experience
  • Advanced FTD training ? He stressed that ATP’s Regional Jet Training has in the past improved the performance and success rate for new hires and gives you the competitive edge in training

The discussion was then opened up for a question and answer period, after which the Recruiters broke the audience of attendees into smaller groups for personal introductions and discussions.

After all of the personal contacts were made and the personal questions were answered, the meeting was wrapped up leaving the audience with a better understanding about the present and future hiring needs at Eagle as well as how to become a part of that process.

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