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ATP Opens 5 New Training Centers, Lowers Prices

JACKSONVILLE, Florida — February 2, 2009

ATP today announced opening 5 new flight training centers and lower prices for flight training and certification programs. New flight training centers are planned for Charlotte, Indianapolis, Oakland, San Diego, and Tampa.


San Diego will be the first to officially open its doors on February 9 at Montgomery Field (MYF). Specific dates for the other locations will be announced soon.

ATP has also reduced prices by as much as 20% across the board for all its accelerated, multi-engine flight training programs. This price reduction will benefit pilots all across the US. More pilots come to ATP for their multi-engine ratings and airline transport pilot certificates than any other flight school or academy.

“We are taking full advantage of the current economic climate to reduce expenses across the board. Lower fuel prices, insurance rates, facility leases, and owning our own aircraft mean that we can lower our prices and compete very effectively in this market,” said Jim Koziarski, ATP’s Vice President of Flight Operations. “ATP always strives to provide the best value to pilots seeking to enhance their qualifications.”

In 1984 ATP pioneered cost-efficient, accelerated, multi-engine flight training with an emphasis on pilot career development. Today, ATP’s Airline Training Programs prepare graduates for airline pilot and corporate pilot careers with nationwide flight experience in the largest, multi-engine training fleet. Advanced jet training transitions these pilots from light twins to modern regional jets in CRJ-200 flight training devices. With thousands of graduates who have completed airline training on time and on budget, airlines come to ATP first to meet their demand for pilots. ATP flies over 12,000 hours to provide more than 450 FAA pilot certifications each month at 25 locations nationwide.

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