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ATP Accepts Delivery of Tenth New 2008 Piper Seminole Aircraft

Wilmington, DE — October 2, 2008

Airline Transport Professionals (ATP) today accepted delivery of a factory-new, multi-engine Piper PA-44 Seminole aircraft. This is the tenth 2008 model Piper Seminole received by ATP this year. Airline Career Pilot Program students fly the multi-engine Seminoles for 140 hours in a nationwide, airline-style training environment. With the addition of this aircraft, ATP's fleet now includes 146 flight training aircraft: 90 multi-engine Piper Seminoles, 50 Cessna 172s, 5 Diamond Stars and 1 Cessna CitationJet.

Even in a weakened economy, ATP continues to demonstrate a strong financial background with the acquisition of new aircraft. ATP recognizes that there is a fundamental pilot shortage and that the recent slow down in hiring is merely short term. ATP President Derrick Dennis stated that, "The airline industry is in a cyclical downturn but we've seen this before and know the hiring will return. This is the time to begin flight training so that prospective pilots will be qualified to enter the market when hiring increases in the near future. Those pilots who prepare themselves now will have the experience to enter the market first and will have the seniority to upgrade to captain sooner. ATP has always led the flight training industry and we will proceed with plans to add new aircraft, including Diamond D-JETs, to our fleet. This will enable ATP to hold its position as the leader in airline pilot training and pilot career development."

Seminole Fleet

In 1984 ATP pioneered accelerated, professional multi-engine flight training with an emphasis on pilot career development. Today, ATP’s Airline Training Programs prepare pilots for airline careers with nationwide flying experience in multi-engine aircraft. Airline hiring partnership letters with 10 leading regional airlines recognize the value of this experience. ATP currently delivers more pilots to the regional airlines than any other single flight school, college, or academy. ATP flies over 11,000 hours and provides more than 450 FAA pilot certifications each month at 20 locations nationwide.

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ATP's Airline Career Pilot Program prepares pilots for airline careers from zero time to 1,500 hours, with CFI jobs and airline employment. Addressing the pilot shortage, airlines attract new pilots to the industry with ATP's Tuition Reimbursement Program, where airlines sponsor a portion of pilots' flight training loan repayment. ATP also provides type-rating and ATP CTP certification. ATP's 605 aircraft fly over 546,000 hours each year to provide over 12,500 FAA pilot certificates and ratings. As America's largest flight school, ATP is the leading supplier of professionally trained pilots to the nation's regional airlines.

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