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Can I take an ATP checkride using my expired Knowledge Test score report?

No, not unless you are applying for an ATP certificate concurrently with your Part 121 PIC or SIC Proficiency Checkride after successful completion of your airline’s approved part 121 PIC or SIC training program.

If you have previously taken the knowledge test, but the results have expired (they are over 24 months old) you will need to retake the knowledge test in order to take an ATP checkride under part 61.

The regulation that allows pilots to use an expired score report at the time of the ATP checkride (61.39(b)) states:

  • (b) applicant for an airline transport pilot certificate or an additional rating to an airline transport certificate may take the practical test for that certificate or rating with an expired knowledge test report, provided that the applicant:
    • (1) Is employed as a flight crewmember by a certificate holder under part 121, 125, or 135 of this chapter at the time of the practical test and has satisfactorily accomplished that operator's approved:
      • (i) Pilot in command aircraft qualification training program...”;

A recent waiver from the FAA also allows those who have completed an Airline’s approved SIC Training program to use their expired score report when taking the ATP Practical test concurrently with Second-In-Command checkride at that Airline.

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