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Ab Initio Flight Training Airline Career Pilot Program

ATP Flight School has the largest and most successful ab initio airline pilot training program in the world. Ab inito, meaning from the beginning, is an industry term that describes airline-oriented flight training programs that take you from zero experience through commercial pilot.

Airline Career Pilot Program
9 Months (Start with Zero Experience)
Build Experience as CFI
1,500 Hours
Start Flying as a Regional Airline Pilot
~2 Years

The Airline Career Pilot Program is the leading ab initio flight training program, where you can begin without any prior experience and graduate in 9 months, earning your commercial pilot and flight instructor certificates. All experience requirements and resources needed to meet your goals are included in one program, for a fixed cost.

Unlike other ab initio programs, successful Airline Career Pilot Program graduates are guaranteed a flight instructor job, so they can begin earning an income in their new career and gain experience to meet airline hiring requirements. This advantage makes the Airline Career Pilot Program truly a complete ab initio program.

ATP's pilot training methodology is airline-oriented, total immersion training with a keen focus on safety, standardization, and professionalism. This airline-oriented focus drives the way training is conducted from day one and will prepare you for success as an airline pilot. For over 35 years, ATP has been the pioneer and leader in providing professional ab initio pilot training — proven by thousands of graduates now flying for regional and major airlines.

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