ERJ 175 Instrument Panel

As a military pilot, what must I bring to demonstrate my Military Experience?

Current and former military pilots may be eligible to take the ATP checkride based on their prior military qualification and experience. Those that qualify must show proof of that military qualification and experience by bringing acceptable records (official documents with signatures) to the training and checkride. The acceptable records are determined by the branch of military service and are listed in the following table:

Acceptable Records
U.S. Air Force Individual flightcrew record (computer printout) and AF Form 8, Certificate of Aircrew Qualification
U.S. Army ARMY Form DA-759, Individual Flight Record and Flight Certificate - Army
U.S. Coast Guard OPNAVFORM 3710-31, Aviators Flight Log Book; verification of Instrument qualification is located in the section designated “Qualification and Achievements”
U.S. Marines and U.S. Navy OPNAVFORM 3760-31, Aviators Flight Logbook OPNAV 3710/2, NATOPS Instrument Rating Request or OPNAV 3760/32 (REV 4-81), NATOPS Flight Personnel Training and Qualification Jacket