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What is meant by “instrument proficiency”?

Some of ATP’s flight training courses carry an “instrument proficiency” prerequisite. Instrument proficiency is required for two reasons:

  1. The checkride at the end of the course will require applicants to demonstrate instrument knowledge and skills.
  2. The accelerated timeline of the course does not provide time for basic instrument training.

So what exactly does “Instrument Proficient” mean?

Since the limited time in those courses is spent learning other skills, we require that applicants have their instrument “ducks in a row” before they show up for training.

It is NOT the same as instrument current by the FARs. (Six approaches in six months to act as PIC in instrument meteorological conditions.)

By “Instrument Proficient,” we ask that applicants have the knowledge and skills necessary to pass an instrument checkride in whatever airplane they are already most familiar with. Simply ask yourself, “Can I pass an instrument checkride in my airplane right now?” If your answer is yes, then you meet the “Instrument Proficient” prerequisite. If your answer is more like, “I haven’t seen an approach plate in 3 years!” then you are not.

If you are unsure, please give us a call at 904-595-7950 to discuss what program we recommend for someone with your flight experience.

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