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Included in Your Time-Building Program

Fly cross-country flights paired with another time-building pilot in a highly-structured, airline-style crew operating environment with flight releases by ATP’s Flight Operations Team.


  • Commercial Pilot Certificate
  • Completed Multi-Engine Rating with ATP

Fly with an ATP flight instructor, which also counts as FAA Pilot-in-Command time.


  • Private or Commercial Pilot Certificate
  • Instrument Rating

Cost — $

10-Hour Standardization $4,995
Hours $
Block Time Discount ($)
ATP Housing $
Your Discounted Price $

Course Duration Days

Based on your full-time availability for a Fast Track training schedule, your course will take approximately days. Weather and other circumstances may lengthen the actual time required.

Crew Cross-Country Checkout

Pilots who enroll in a multi-engine crew cross-country time-building program will need to complete at least a 10-hour dual instruction checkout to learn standardized ATP crew operating procedures. This is included in your customized quote above.

Payment Schedule

ATP requires a $995 non-refundable first payment to reserve the aircraft and instructor for your training. The balance of your course price is due upon starting training.

Student Housing Option

Housing is available during your training at a rate of $200 per week. ATP utilizes local apartments which you may share with other students. Apartments are fully furnished. You must provide your own bed and bath linens. ATP reserves the right to change accommodation if necessary. Contact our admissions office for details.

Early Withdrawal Policy

The course price is quoted as a discounted package price. If you withdraw from the course before completion, the following rates will apply:

  Dual Crew
Cessna C-172
$225 per Hour -
Cessna C-172
Garmin G1000
$275 per Hour -
Piper PA-44 $500 per Hour $225 per Hour
FTD / ATD $150 per Hour -

This is an abbreviated summary. You will receive a complete training and refund policy document at check-in.

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