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You Can Be An Airline Pilot

What you may not realize is that you don’t have to be in the military or graduate from a special aviation college to be an airline pilot. In today's job market, men and women from all educational and professional backgrounds are discovering the fulfillment of doing something they've always wanted to do: FLY.

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Flight Training for Professional Pilots since 1984
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Seniority is Everything Get There First with ATP

Seniority is everything in the airline industry and as an ATP-trained pilot you will be highly sought-after in a job market short of qualified pilots. By training with ATP you will gain a competitive advantage meeting hiring minimums quickly and efficiently — effectively gaining two years’ seniority over peers who train elsewhere.

Growing Pilot Demand

Demand for airline pilots is strong and those knowledgeable about the airline industry recognize that at least three factors are contributing to the current pilot shortage:

  • Mandatory Retirements for Pilots Reaching Age 65 (graphed below)
  • Fewer Military Pilots Entering Civilian Workforce as Airline Pilots
  • Increasing Qualifications for Airline Pilots due to the "1500 Hour Rule"

Yearly Retirements at Major Airlines

6 Million Dollar Career

With union protections and seniority system, job security and guaranteed earnings advancement at the established airlines are excellent. Forbes recently reported that airline pilots in the U.S. earn, on average, over $128,000, with the top 10% earning in excess of $187,000 ("What Common Dream Jobs Actually Pay," 2013).

This means airline pilots can expect a six million dollar career in total earnings, illustrated below according to the typical career progression.

Typical Career Earnings

From Zero Experience to Airline Pilot in About 2 Years

ATP is your fast track airline career solution from zero time to 1500 hours total flight time sponsored by ATP's airline alliances, with at least $11,000 in tuition reimbursement sponsored by participating airlines.

Graduate Airline Career Pilot Program

Begin Flight Training from Zero Time... 6MONTHS

Airline Tuition Reimbursement Begins

Guaranteed CFI Job   

Airline Placement


Airline Pilot Job   

Tuition Reimbursement Program

Regional airlines and ATP Flight School take the first step to financially promote the pilot career with tuition reimbursement.

  1. Graduate training in 6 months and flight instruct with ATP
  2. Interview with an airline at 500 hours total flight time
  3. Commit and start earning airline tuition reimbursement
  4. Fly for your airline in about 2 years after starting training

Guaranteed CFI Job

In between completing flight training and flying for an airline, pilots must build experience to reach 1500 hours total flight time. As an ATP Airline Career Pilot Program graduate you will receive guaranteed Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) job placement, earning up to $42,000 annually with airline tuition reimbursement. Here you will build the highly-valued, multi-engine flight experience required for the ATP Certificate and airline hiring minimums.

Full Financing Available

Thanks to the strong track record of ATP-trained professional pilots, both Sallie Mae and Wells Fargo offer their lowest-rate undergraduate student loan products to ATP flight training students. ATP is the only flight school that can get you access to these competitive loan products, which in most cases cover the entire cost of flight training for qualified borrowers.

More Flight Training Resources Than Any Other Flight School, Academy, or Aviation University

Fly with ATP and gain access to more aircraft, locations, and job placements than any flight school, academy, or aviation university can offer. ATP is your airline career solution from zero time to airline pilot in about two years – proven by thousands of graduates now flying for regional and major airlines.

400+ Annual Placements

297 Aircraft

42 Locations

“If you enjoy what you do, you'll never work another day in your life.”

Luckas Scott – ATP Graduate

"I was drawn to ATP by the promise of a fixed-price, fast-paced 90 day program with over 100 hours of multi-engine time and a guaranteed position as a flight instructor. At first it sounded too good to be true, but it was delivered and I would have never imagined how pleased I would be with the whole experience. I believe this is the quickest route to the airlines and that pilots leave a step ahead of the competition.

Luckas Scott
HIRED: ExpressJet Airlines