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You don’t have to be in the military or graduate from a special aviation college to be an airline pilot. In today's job market, men and women from all educational and professional backgrounds are discovering the fulfillment of doing something they've always wanted to do: FLY.

Airline Pilot Shortage

Airlines face one of the most severe pilot shortages ever. In fact, thousands of civilian pilots are needed in the next few years to meet the airlines’ demands for pilots (Boeing, 2016, Pilot and Technician Outlook). This shortage means airlines are competing to hire people like you. Here's what they're offering you:

Higher First Year Wages

With signing bonuses, per diem, and tuition reimbursement, effective first year wages at many airlines is now close to $60,000/yr.

american-airlinesDirect Path to Major Airline

Many regional airlines have flow through agreements with major airlines. Envoy Air projects flow through to American in just over 5 years.

Increased Benefits

Fewer pilots and increased demand mean benefits are on the rise, with better benefits packages, scheduling, and quality of life.

Career prospects for new airline pilots have rarely been better — don't miss this opportunity.

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