International Career Pilot Graduates

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Students from more than 80 countries around the world have graduated from ATP's International Airline Career Pilot Program. What was their experience at ATP like?

Nicholas Diamond International Airline Career Program Graduate

From the United Kingdom, ATP graduate Nicholas Diamond recently finished the International Airline Career Pilot Program in roughly five months at the Daytona Beach, FL Training Center.

Omar Nouh International Airline Career Program Graduate

Omar Nouh (dual citizen of Greece and Egypt), graduated the International Airline Career Pilot Program in July, 2013. Starting with zero experience, Omar finished the program on-time and on-budget, in just over 6 months — successfully passing all of his FAA practical exams on the first attempt. He now holds a first officer position with a Turkish airline, flying the Boeing 737.

Eran Lapid International Airline Career Program

In 7 months, Eran Lapid from Israel completed the International Airline Career Pilot Program, graduating in December 2014.

“I have arrived to ATP on March 2014, for the international students program [International Airline Career Pilot Program] in Daytona Beach (KDAB) [ATP Flight Training Center]. After I graduated the program at ATP, I spent some time at a different flight school and I immediately noticed the differences.

I was referred to ATP by a US Airways (at the time) senior captain who knew the details of what is professionally expected today from an airline pilot and the program at ATP was his best recommendation for me.

As airlines today are using more advanced aircrafts than ever before, ATP is training its students for this job on advanced glass cockpit aircrafts, using airline cockpit procedures like checklist’s usage, how to set your instruments, etc..

Although training is being done on advanced aircrafts, the skills of hand flying, navigation using paper charts and a timer, flying with backup steam-gauge instruments, and more, are being thoroughly taught and practiced. The flying environment in Daytona is challenging and demanding, forcing the students to think ahead of the airplane, be at full situational awareness while multitasking flying the aircraft and constantly talking to ATC controllers (a skill I found lacking in a non-towered flight school environment).

During PIC time building, I was flying long legs all around the country for a few days, sleeping in hotels, changing aircrafts, talking to flight OPS; it was the closest experience I had to an airline pilot career life style.

One of the things I noticed training at two different flight schools, is the training resources availability at ATP. There is always an airplane available to fly or to practice checklists on the ground, the flight simulators are available for students to practice by themselves with no extra charge (a thing I found very helpful during all phases of the program), there are plenty of study rooms, and instructors are there at all times to teach private or class lessons and answer questions.

There is a special studying atmosphere at ATP I didn't find anywhere else. Students’ groups studying together and challenging each other, helping one another in the simulators and discussing aviation all day long.

By far one of the best things about ATP in KDAB is how they treat their international students. From the first moment I contacted them, they had an open Skype line for me to call and ask all the questions I had, they explained the whole visa process and program outlines in detail, and never got tired of my annoying questions. Their student advisers are there for you like a family; doing everything they can to make your visa process, arrival and throughout the program, as smooth as possible, which narrows down the stress and the unknown of coming to a new country to about zero.

There are a lot of great flight schools across the US, but the staff at ATP KDAB knows how to make you a better student and make studying interesting and fun by helping their students take care of their basic needs (i.e. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs), and this is what differs ATP from other flight schools to my opinion.”

Eran Lapid
 International Airline Career Pilot Program

Herman Hiller International Airline Career Program

In November 2016, Herman Hiller from Venezuela graduated from the International Airline Career Pilot Program, 9 months after beginning his training.

“Where a dream came true.

I remember myself excited, working on my English and at the same time looking for a good flight school to begin that beautiful journey which ATP took me through…

From the beginning, there was always good management and communication with ATP; Mr. Paul, Justin and Ms. Tracy Baxter were always there making it easy for us. Once I got there, the aviation environment was just amazing. I honestly felt like a pilot already and I just wanted to nail it at ATP and become one of the greatest pilots. (Thanks to Nick Schultz [ATP Ground Instructor] for answering all my questions in ground school).

From day one it was a fight that step-by-step and book-by-book I learned how to win; thanks to all my hardworking and knowledgeable instructors like Steven Monteiro and Shay Soprenuk [ATP Flight Instructors] that gave me all the tools to become a safe and good pilot.

If I had to describe ATP, I'd say that it is more like an aviation family where all the ones that want to become pilots are welcome to fight for their dreams and be the best of the best. The best school I could have chosen.”

Herman Hiller
 International Airline Career Pilot Program

Hamweemba Malilwe International Airline Career Program

In 10 months, Hamweemba Malilwe from Zambia completed the International Airline Career Pilot Program, graduating in September, 2016.

“It was more than an opportunity to be part of ATP Flight School's International Airline Career Pilot Program. I left my country Zambia back in Africa to come and achieve a long life dream, and with the help of ATP I was able to go from zero experience through Commercial Multi, holding an Instrument Rating too in the space of 10 months, as projected.

ATP is more of a family than a school, Tracy [Tracy Baxter, ATP International Student Advisor] our Mother was there whenever we needed her and all the other students were very communal and ready to help.

The instructors were phenomenal and were always ready to teach, day or night.

ATP's fleet is top notch, they have a great Maintenance Team that's always ready to help whenever you need them. I really enjoyed my stay in America, and I thank ATP for their honesty throughout the program.”

Hamweemba Malilwe
 International Airline Career Pilot Program

Parth Buch International Airline Career Program

In September 2016, Parth Buch from Canada graduated from the International Airline Career Pilot Program, 7 months after beginning training.

“My time here at ATP was very enjoyable and stress-free due to the following people. Thank you to Tracy and Justin for helping me move from Canada to Daytona Beach. The transition here was made effortless due to your commitment and constant communication.

I would like to thank Nick Schultz, my ground school instructor, for helping me learn the theoretical aspects of flying and assisting me through the initial exam. Most of all, I would like to thank my very knowledgable flight instructor, Steven Monteiro, who always answered all of my questions and was always there whenever I needed help. Steven, who is a great flier himself, taught me about what it takes to be a good and safe pilot and always provided me with tips and suggestions on how to improve my flying. Due to ATP's staff help, guidance and determination, I have managed to complete the training in just under 7 months. I'm taking a lifetime of friends, laughter and memories with me.

Thanks for making me a part of your family ATP!!”

Parth Buch
 International Airline Career Pilot Program

Dhilanjana Ediriweera International Airline Career Program

In 10 months, Dhilanjana Ediriweera from Sri Lanka completed the International Airline Career Pilot Program, graduating in August, 2016.

“I really enjoyed my experience going through the International Airline Career Pilot Program at ATP Daytona Beach. I came to ATP with zero experience in the aviation field and in 10 months I am a FAA Commercial Multi Engine pilot with instrument privileges. Everybody was very kind and helpful from the beginning to the very end.

ATP has a very educational and a 'help each other' environment. Very professional training with phenomenal flight instructors and maintenance staff, with state of the art airplanes and flight simulators. Furthermore, I earned a lot of life long friends from all around the world. I felt like I was a part of a big aviation family.

Thumbs up for ATP Flight School!!”

Dhilanjana Ediriweera
 International Airline Career Pilot Program

Daniel Carrillo International Airline Career Program

In May 2016, Daniel Carrillo from Colombia graduated from the International Airline Career Pilot Program, 10 months after beginning his training.

“Completing the International Airline Career Pilot Program at ATP Flight School, has been one of the best experiences in my life. I went from zero flight time to a Commercial Pilot in 10 months. From my point of view, it is a very well structured and professional program, that motivates you to work hard everyday to get your goals.

From the beginning, ATP staff treated me as part of the family; thanks to Tracy [Tracy Baxter, ATP International Student Advisor] and Justin [Justin Ellixson, International Admissions Coordinator], for helping me get my Visa, accommodations and equipment. Also to Paul Marocchi, ATP Training Center Manager and Assistant Chief Instructor, a person that is open to helping and will make the best decisions for your program. The ATP Daytona Beach Training Center provides a really good environment for learning; with a lot of study rooms, academic material and well equipped simulators to practice all the procedures in order to be ready for each flight lesson with very well maintained airplanes.

All ATP instructors were really helpful, always there to answer questions and teach new material. Thanks to Nolan O'Donnell [ATP Flight Instructor] that was my instructor from zero-time and guided me through my Private, Instrument and Commercial Pilot Checkrides, always gave me support and taught me to be prepared for each stage of the program; and also to Sam Brickford [ATP Flight Instructor], whom wasn't my instructor, but he answered my questions and gave good advice in different parts of the process.

Finally, all I can say are good things about ATP, I will recommend it to friends and any person that is looking for professional flight training.”

Daniel Carrillo
 International Airline Career Pilot Program

Elissa Figaro International Airline Career Program

In April 2016, Elissa Figaro from Trinidad & Tobago graduated from the International Airline Career Pilot Program, 15 months after beginning her training.

“ATP has welcomed me from the start of my program and ensured that my stay was very comfortable. Thank you to Justin and Tracy for helping me get here and making the transition as smooth as possible.

The training center is kept very professional and it was always accessible and equipped with the tools that I needed throughout my program.

I've had the best time with my instructor and even instructors not assigned to me. You can tell that you are a priority to them and they want you to get the best training possible. Steven Monteiro, Wes Wiley, Alex Mirable William Harrington, Lemuel Diaz and so much more they won't fit, thank you guys so much!”

Elissa Figaro
 International Airline Career Pilot Program

Henry Thobe International Airline Career Program

In March 2016, Henry Thobe graduated from the International Airline Career Pilot Program. He follows in his father's footsteps who is a Captain for Fly Dubai Airlines.

Henry Thobe — International Airline Career Program Graduate

“I must say that completing my flight training in ATP has been by far one of the best experiences in my life. I went from zero time in an aircraft to a commercial pilot within 8 months. I have nothing but nice things to say about the staff at ATP. They’ll treat you as part of a family, and from the very first day you feel welcomed into this family. From getting my visa to moving in to my apartment, as well as training, was a very fast. All instructors at ATP are dedicated, no matter when if you have a question, they’ll answer. Everyone is eager to learn, and become a better pilot at ATP. I can’t think of a better place to do flight training!”

Henry Thobe
 International Airline Career Pilot Program

Mahmud Haruna International Airline Career Program

In February 2016, Mahmud Haruna from Nigeria graduated from the International Airline Career Pilot Program, 11 months after beginning his training.

“What I experienced at ATP was exceptional and nothing short of professional… Operations are indeed remarkable and the prescribed goal for shooting towards an accelerated yet professionally fulfilling program is absolutely viable. I strongly classify ATP to be amongst the few, if not the only flight institution for fast dream realizations. My time at ATP was priceless as it was precise, the instructor/student relationship is just beautiful and that's why I will miss this place, most importantly the people.

Thanks for having me ATP, Justin, Tracy, Paul, Nick (x3), Alex, Mark, Kate, and there's so much more…

Thank you all!”

Mahmud Haruna
 International Airline Career Pilot Program

Sebastian Egas International Airline Career Program

In 10 months, Sebastian Egas from Ecuador completed the International Airline Career Pilot Program, graduating in September, 2015.

“After having done much research and going to visit various flight schools, I decided that ATP was the best choice. When I first started ground school I saw that the staff was well prepared and once I got to fly, I confirmed that.

Paul Marocchi, [ATP] Training Center Manager and Assistant Chief Instructor, knows what decisions to take to make the most out of your flight training. My instructor, Artem Sokolenko [ATP Flight Instructor], had me from the beginning until my last flight before my commercial checkride, and I would like to thank him and Paul for the patience and support they gave me throughout my training process in ATP.

I would encourage my friends and incoming students if they choose to join ATP to be dedicated and disciplined to their studies, because if you contain the motivation and will to study hard, you will possibly be able to finish the program earlier than anticipated.

Now that I successfully have completed the program, I am indeed going to refer ATP to my friends and acquaintances.”

Sebastian Egas
 International Airline Career Pilot Program

Miguel Arizpe International Airline Career Program

In 9 months, Miguel Arizpe from Mexico completed the International Airline Career Pilot Program, graduating in February, 2015.

“An experience that I will remember for life, is having learned to fly, which is the thing I love the most about the flight school. From many cities across the US, I watched airplanes flying, long before coming to the Daytona Beach training center – preparing the best pilots in the country and abroad. [Being there] fulfilled a much wanted desire I've always had of becoming a pilot, in the country where aviation was founded.

And to mention the strong feeling of being with family while away from home, as the international students from every continent in the world with different traditions, instructors and staff made me feel.”

Miguel Arizpe
 International Airline Career Pilot Program

Philip Calderon International Airline Career Program

In 9 months, Philip Calderon from Colombia completed the International Airline Career Pilot Program, graduating in March, 2015.

“There are no secrets to success; it is only the result of preparation, hard work and learning from failure.

The staff at ATP Daytona is a combination of nice and kind people that with their knowledge and professionalism will help you reach your goals. Tracy and Justin are an invaluable team that will help you get set up and started. Paul, the manager is a wise man. The decisions he takes in accordance to your training will always be beneficial to you. You will notice that at the end of the road. I had the chance to have different flight instructors and I have nothing else to say but to thank these amazing people for the effort they put toward my training.

Halla [Halla Kristjansdottir, ATP Flight Instructor], taught me the basics on how to fly an airplane, it wasn’t easy but she always kept looking forward to my success. Joe [Joe Ricks, ATP Flight Instructor] has an instinctive grasp of aviation knowledge that helped me earn my Instrument rating; his proficiency and intelligence are distinguished. Finally, I did multi and commercial with Anouar [Anouar Chahlaouy, ATP Flight Instructor], he is a remarkable instructor that will push you to your limits on your training so that on your check ride you feel pretty much just like in a routine flight, he knows everything.

As a final advice, if you want to finish your program quickly, besides the support you receive from ATP, you need to realize that it all depends on you. Work hard, dream big.”

Philip Calderon
 International Airline Career Pilot Program

Tony Zhang International Airline Career Program

In March 2015, Tony Zhang (Senior Sales Manager, Boeing Shanghai) finished his initial training for the International Airline Career Pilot Program in Phoenix, AZ.

“I think I made right decision to choose ATP as my flight training school. In the future, I will recommend more Chinese students to ATP training school.”

Tony Zhang
 International Airline Career Pilot Program

Luiz Bonissoni International Airline Career Program Graduate

In a little less than 12 months, Luiz Bonissoni from Brazil completed the International Airline Career Pilot Program, graduating in February, 2015.

“ATP is an excellent flight school, I've been to others but I would say that ATP is my favorite. I was treated with respect and courtesy, they are always trying to help as much as they can, the planes were in great condition and always when maintenance was needed it was fixed in a reasonable time, they also give you lots of opportunities to get in touch with the real airline world. I'm proud of myself to have choosen ATP.”

Luiz Bonissoni
 International Airline Career Pilot Program Graduate

Brian Wamala International Airline Career Program Graduate

In as little as seven months, Brian Wamala from Tanzania completed the International Airline Career Pilot Program, graduating in September, 2014.

“A few months ago I had a dream of being a commercial pilot and guess what, thanks to ATP, 7 months later, its no longer a dream but a reality, with their International Career Program, I have both my CPL/IR/ME.

I came in with a Private pilot certificate and they were able to adjust the program to accommodate me, so that I wouldn't have to spend anymore than that mentioned on their website.

The training attained at ATP has really opened my mind into a whole new level of skills and professionalism in the aviation industry, from the instructors, the management and my fellow students.

If you have ever thought of becoming a pilot and you are confused to which flight school to go to, then ATP is the right solution. They have full time instructors who are willingly ready to help you at any point of time during your training and even after you graduate, with over 20 aircraft [at the Daytona Beach training center], you will never be stuck at the ramp due to unavailability of aircraft; every resource you need for your training is available whenever needed.”

Brian Wamala
 International Airline Career Pilot Program Graduate

Christopher Morley International Airline Career Program Graduate

In May, 2014, Christopher Morley (United Kingdom) graduated the International Airline Career Pilot Program, taking only 7 months to complete his training.

“I undertook the International Airline Career Pilot Program at Daytona Beach. Having always wanted to be a pilot I looked at the best options available for my training in the UK, Australia and the US. I had to work for 4 years in order to save the money to achieve my dream and therefore the decision was very carefully thought out.

ATP blew away all other flight schools in terms of affordability in gaining the Commercial Pilot License. The fleet and facilities available combined with the weather also meant that I was able to finish the course from zero hours to full Commercial in 7 months.

The instructors at ATP are always available and willing to help get you though the course. They are patient and will ensure that you are ready for any checkrides and will not push you to take an exam unless you are 100% confident.

Having a large number of International students also means that you are able to build your social group quickly in order to enjoy Daytona Beach and what the area has to offer such as Orlando and St. Augustine.. A car or a friend who has a car is essential!

Overall it was a great 7 months in Daytona with the highlight being the cross country time build flight, which other schools don't offer. This allowed me to fly from Florida to Chicago and visit all the States in between. I would thoroughly recommend ATP to any one seriously considering a career in aviation and can't recommend it enough!”

Chris Morley
 International Airline Career Pilot Program Graduate

Alberto Osorio International Airline Career Program Graduate

Alberto (Mexico) graduated the International Airline Career Pilot Program in April, 2014 — taking only 7 months to complete his training.

“After 7 months I become a Commercial Pilot — achieving my life dream. ATP give me all the support and knowledge to achieve this goal, flying with the best instructors—very professional and knowledgable—and with the best aircraft. I don’t know any other school that allows students to have experience on four different equipment, like DA40, C172, Piper Archer and Piper Seminole.

The flying environment was very demanding. Flying from and to Daytona gives you the confident you need to fly to any other airport in the world.

I recommend ATP for anyone who wants to become a professional.”

Alberto Osorio
 International Airline Career Pilot Program Graduate

Roberto Fernandez International Airline Career Program Graduate

After successfully graduating the International Airline Career Pilot Program in November, 2013, taking just under 8 months, Reberto Fernandez (Peru) was immediately hired by Movil Air, flying the Cessna 208 Caravan.

“I finished my training in just about 8 months, in Daytona Beach, and three weeks after I'm becoming a C-208 first officer.

Roberto Fernandez — International Airline Career Program Graduate

I choose ATP after searching between several flight schools in Florida, because of the fast training, the fleet of aircraft, and because Daytona International Airport allows you to gain good experience as a pilot.

From the beginning I felt comfortable with all the people at ATP, all of them helped me to achieve my goal in a short time. My Instructors were all professionals and helpful, they cared about my goals and helped me to correct any mistake I was doing. While studying I met many people from around the world, learning new cultures and ways of life.

I recommend ATP for anyone who is looking is interested in an aviation career.”

Roberto Fernandez
 International Airline Career Pilot Program Graduate

Juan Herrera International Airline Career Program Graduate

In September, 2013, Juan Herrera (Colombia) graduated the International Airline Career Pilot Program, taking only 142 days to complete his training.

“Initially, I had to find a flight school in which I wanted to make my dream of being a pilot true. This was great decision, I had to look every option, I had and choose the best one. Plus, I had options here in Colombia too, so there was more than one decision: the decision to go to another country, and then the decision to choose the best flight school.

Juan Herrera — International Airline Career Program Graduate

I took a series of flight schools and analyzed each one, making ATP Flight School the best option for me — it is inexpensive, fast, and generally it is a big entity I trusted in ATP. Now I just had to wait for the date of my flight to Florida, to enter in to a completely new experience.

I had a really good feeling arriving to Daytona Beach, there is a big student environment...You can find a lot of people in the city doing the same thing as you, being a pilot. When I first arrived at ATP, I met a lot of good people including Tracy Baxter (International Student Advisor) and Justin Ellixson (International Admissions Coordinator), the two more helpful people I’ve ever met.

After adapting and having everything ready, I had to start. My instructor was John Kreitzburg (pictured, left), the best teacher ATP can have, he is a very organized man and made me feel completely comfortable and confident with the airplane every single flight, and lesson, I had with him. He creates not just an educational environment, but also a friendly environment where you can talk and tell him what you want and what you are looking for, and he will do what ever is in his hands to do it.

I completed my program in five months; they told me I was the fastest student who has ever made though the complete program. I think I deserve that for how much I studied and for the effort I gave to what I love, but also I was able to do it first, because of John, my instructor, who made every flight and lesson a good experience for me; and special thanks to the entire crew of ATP Daytona, who always helped me through the progress. Thanks to them I made my dream true, and I made it with honors.

Now, thanks to ATP, I know that this is what I want for the rest of my life — flying.”

Juan Herrera
 International Airline Career Pilot Program Graduate

Joseph Detoro International Airline Career Program Graduate

Starting with just his private pilot certificate, Joseph Detoro (Canada), graduated the International Airline Career Pilot Program in September, 2013.

“I completed ATP's International Career Pilot Program (credit for private) in just under 4 months. I did my training at ATP's location in Daytona Beach. The experience flying at an international airport is something not many flight schools can say they offer.

Joseph Detoro — International Airline Career Program Graduate

ATP has an airline type attitude towards your training where everyone has a professional attitude. I chose to continue with my studies with ATP because no one else in the industry fly's as many hours a month as them or can get you to obtain your ratings in such a short time.

My instructor John Kreitzburg (pictured, right) was a true professional throughout my training. He supported me and was with me every step of the way, I consider myself lucky to have had an instructor like him. Although when my instructor wasn't available there were always other instructors ready to step in and help.

ATP gave me an unique opportunity to network myself internationally with students from all over the world. The students at ATP Daytona are like a family who support each other and help you with any problems or questions you may have. The admin staff helped me with everything to set up, as well as completing my training. Almost to the point where all you have to do is show up in Daytona and they have arranged everything ahead of time, from housing to introductions.

I learned during my training to always be studying and remember to have fun as well. Overall I would recommend ATP to anyone who is interested in a career in aviation.”

Joey Detoro
 International Airline Career Pilot Program Graduate

Phatra Kusalanggoorawat International Airline Career Program Graduate

Phatra Kusalanggoorawat (Thailand), started the International Airline Career Pilot Program with zero flight experience and graduated the program shortly over 6 months, in July, 2013. Completing the private pilot and instrument stage of training in a mere two and a half months, Phatra successfully passed all of his FAA practical exams on the first attempt.

“After I compared many flight schools, I chose to study at ATP because ATP is the largest flight school in USA and has a good reputation. At first, I was worried whether ATP would be as good as advertised or not. I wasn't disappointed. I had never been to USA. No relatives. No friends. As an international student, who wasn't fluent in English, had to stay in a different culture and environment. ATP's staff took very good care of me – more than I had expected. They helped me not only in the training, but the living. I met many great instructors who knew not only how to teach students, but how to treat students as well.

Phara Kusalanggoorawat — International Airline Career Program Graduate

ATP has many aircraft, ranging from analog to modern, glass cockpits. I gained much knowledge of both systems. ATP has an excellent maintenance plan and I never had to stop the training because no aircraft were available. I had an opportunity to fly from Florida all the way to California and up to Utah in my cross country flight. It was a good chance for me to visit many unfamiliar airports, in different regions, instead of staying only in the same place.

I would recommend it to anyone who has the dream to be a pilot. ATP is the right choice for you.”

Phatra Kusalanggoorawat
 International Airline Career Pilot Program Graduate

Qinyang Zuo International Airline Career Program Graduate, 2013

“I chose to train with ATP because of ATP's good reputation in aviation and the recommendation from a pilot friend.

The professional training I've received from ATP has built solid aeronautical knowledge and good flying skills. Training at one of the nation's busiest airspaces here in Daytona Beach, also helped me to be able to handle both traffic and radio in my future career.

I would say to people that are thinking of joining ATP, that it is an outstanding flight school and a great location to study/fly. My favorite experience at ATP was the crew cross-countries, which gave me a chance to fly through all kinds of airspace across the US continent. Once in a life time experience.

The aspects of ATP that helped contribute to my success were excellent aircraft and professional staff. The aircraft and training resources here at ATP are always available, I don't have to wait on aircraft or other people's schedule, its ready whenever I am ready. Overall it was very good quality and a great experience.

ATP is different from other flight schools, because they provided me professional training and helped me get my commercial pilot license within 6 month. Nobody else can give me such amount of flight hours and solid training in such short period of time. In terms of time and value I rank ATP at 10.

Qinyang Zuo
 International Airline Career Pilot Program Graduate

Victor Guzman International Airline Career Program Graduate, 2012

“Training at ATP was more of an honor for me, as I had previously stepped foot into another flight school, and it does not compare to ATP. I found a passion for flying not too long ago and I felt that in this matter I needed to be trained at a school where I finished not as just a pilot, but as a professional pilot. ATP made sure of that, by assigning me 3 awesome CFIs. One that taught me something I will always remember was Mr. Joel Faber. I still remember when I had mic fright and messed up on a clearance, he told me 'don't be hard on yourself to a point where you block yourself. Just throw it in the back because the plane keeps flying.'

In ATP, not only were the instructors great, but also the whole administration. Special thanks to Eric Priester, who has helped me even after completing my training at ATP.

That said, it's been 7 months since I finished my training and moved back to Mexico to get a shot at an airline. So, muchas gracias ATP for giving me the proper training.”

Victor M. Guzman
 International Airline Career Pilot Program Graduate

Antonio Ruano International Airline Career Program Graduate, 2011

“I just finished my flight training at ATP Daytona Beach, took the International Course, went from zero to Commercial with an instrument and multi engine ratings in only 6 months. I thought it will be impossible to do it in such a short time but ATP gave me what i paid for in the time they promised and I didn’t pay one extra cent from the initial budget.

Their program is amazing, well structured according to FAA standards and there’s always somebody to help you when needed. The only flights that were cancelled were due to weather conditions but my schedule was immediately adapted to catch up. There was always availability of airplanes and never had to cancel due to a plane malfunction. Every check-ride was a breeze because I went well prepared. I’m not going to lie, i had to study a lot but they covered everything needed to successfully pass the exam.

I wish to thank my instructor Jason Polman who always cared and spent a lot of his time trying to make it perfect. Also want to thank Mike Renuart for all the hours he spent on me and all the knowledge he shared and Eric Priester for his assistance in the enrolling process. Last but not least, thanks to all the professionals that were there when I needed them: Jon Vincent, Paul Marocci, Carlos Budet, Chris Muller, Jacob Mc Coy, Chase Delane, Kegan Bentley, Luis Cabrera and the FBO staff: John Jury, Adam and Jim were also really helpful.

Finally, now that I finished, I compared with other schools and no one would give me what ATP offers. Congratulations for running the best flying school.

Antonio Ruano
 International Career Pilot Program Graduate

Pedro Costa International Airline Career Program Graduate, 2010

“In February, 2012, I got a co-pilot job on the Airbus A-320, for a charter company in Rio de Janeiro: Whitejets Airways.

The above average training received at ATP made a difference during the A-320 type rating course! I succeeded without effort while some of my course mates struggled badly! And most important of all, I feel very confident flying this excellent aircraft in any situation, while most of other low experienced co-pilots often become lost when something outside the daily routine happens in the cockpit!

In short, like in any other demanding job, the solid skills and knowledge gained at a superior school such as ATP always surface and help when things get tough! That's why I already recommended ATP to some friends before, and will remain doing so as long as you keep the training standards as high as before!

Pedro Costa
 International Career Pilot Program Graduate

Raghav Singh International Airline Career Program Graduate, 2010

“I had enrolled in a customized private program at your center in Daytona Beach after leaving Delta Connection Academy. I am staying here for the career program but I just wanted to let you know that I have had a very positive experience here so far. The training is excellent and one can rest assured that their instructor is looking out for them. My instructor, Ryan Middleton, had very patiently helped me smooth out some of my wrong tendencies and helped me gain the confidence and skill that anyone needs in order to become a competent aviator. Throughout the program he has been extremely professional and helpful. There is no question that he put a great amount of effort into seeing me through to this point and for this I am very thankful especially because I know from experience that this is not always the case.

In any case I wanted to thank all of you for the great program that you are running. I am starting the career program today and am very excited as I know that I can expect a high standard that will prepare me for my check rides and my future career.”

Raghav Singh
 International Career Pilot Program Graduate

David Micklewhyte International Airline Career Program Graduate, 2010

“Finding the right flight school for anyone is very important and often very difficult, even more so for international students. I started the International Career Pilot Program in February 2010, and from day one, I could tell that ATP was the right choice. From the initial checking in, to the final training flight, ATP has lived up to all the expectations that I had of a professional flight training academy.

The Cessna and especially the large fleet of Seminoles are in prime condition! The maintenance staff do a very excellent job of keep all the airplanes airworthy so that you are always safe! The amount of experience at ATP is overwhelming; not from just the instructors, but from maintenance staff to the check airmen even other students, every day is a lesson that is beneficial to your piloting career. The cross country commercial time building that ATP offers is without a doubt the best offer in the flight training world. No other school will practically give you and your partner an aircraft and send you all over the country. I was able to fly most of the entire Eastern coast of the United States where I met even more great ATP instructors.

Six months isn't a very long time, and I did have apprehensions about not being able to get everything done and understand it, but the instructors at ATP are so patient and willing to take the time out to help you understand better what it is that going on. Apart from flying, the living accommodations that ATP provides are outstanding. Fully furnished apartments in gated communities with security has everything you need for your time away from home.

Overall I could honestly say that the ATP environment is more along the lines of a learning family environment. At the end of the day you could go out with the instructors and not talk about aviation at all. Everyone helps everyone no matter which stage you're at in the program, because if one person failed a check ride, literally everyone feels bad and then goes to that person and try to give some advice or some hints. I completed the program in July of 2010 and with the training and knowledge I left with, I got my first major airline job four months later. In less than a year I've went from zero flight experience to fully qualified airline pilot, all thanks to ATP! I'd recommend anyone who has the dream of being a pilot to go to ATP!

David Micklewhyte
 International Career Pilot Program Graduate

Dongwook Choi International Airline Career Program Graduate, 2010

“My name is Dongwook Choi from South Korea. I started my flight training with ATP on Feb 2010 and finished on July 2010. I received my private, commercial and instrument ratings. I finished with over 100 hours multi-engine time, which really helped me recently receive my 737ng type rating. The training at ATP wasn't easy for me, especially when I am from a country where we don't ever use the English language. I often misunderstood what my instructor asked me, I use to get down on myself, and I thought a lot of times that I needed to give up.

But my ATP instructor encouraged me and help me to grow my self-confidence. I knew their job was just to teach me how to fly, but they taught me so much more...they taught me how to deal with difficult situations and trust in my own judgments and after that, everything seemed to come easier and I finally completed the course successfully.

All the instructors (Ryan and Chris) at ATP, know not only how to teach students, but also how to treat students with respect. They know what a student needs and what a student has to do to be successful. With their help, I overcame a huge hurtle.

I know there are a lot of students in Asia who need this type of training and encouragement. I recommend ATP to them all and I want to let them know that ATP is the right flight school for them. If you are worried about the language problem, don’t worry, your ATP instructor will always listen to you with patience.

Also, let me point out one more thing, if you are willing to start, start today! And once you start, do your best and never give up, never make poor excuses and remember that your ATP instructor will be always with you.”

Dongwook Choi
 International Career Pilot Program Graduate