iPad Courseware

When you train with ATP, you train using the latest technology. Your iPad gives you access to courseware, charts and approach plates, and test prep that you’ll use in training. Airlines are rapidly adopting electronic charts for their own flight decks, and you’ll use them in training.

Your student extranet is a mobile-optimized web app from which you can access:

Immediate Access

Immediately after scheduling your class date, you will receive access to your student extranet and iPad courseware. To get started now, please contact admissions.

Contact Admissions

Apps, eBooks, and Training Aids

Additionally, you’ll need customized ATP courseware, a few third party apps, some eBooks, and flight training aids. When you schedule, we’ll order these materials for you right away so you can begin studying, but you won’t have to pay for them until your start date.

Required Third Party Apps
  • ForeFlight ($80)
  • Shepard Air Test Prepware for IR and Commercial (Free)
Recommended Third Party Apps
  • Asa Private Pilot Test Prepware
  • Sporty's E6B Aviation App
  • FAR/AIM App
  • Plus other useful training applications
Total Cost Due on Start Date $190

ATP does not provide an iPad — you must provide your own. See our recommended model above.