Credit for Private Pilot

ATP offers a credit for having a private pilot's license if you meet certain requirements. The credit will save you $7,500 off of the cost of the International Airline Career Program. Having a private pilot's license does not just save you the $7,500 credit - it will also save you time and the additional expenses that come with living and training in the United States. Instead of the program taking 9 months, you can expect to complete training in 5-7 months, saving you an additional $3,000 to $6,000 from the entire cost.

To qualify for this credit you must have logged at least **60 flight hours and hold a private pilot license from any ICAO member state. If you do not hold an FAA private pilot license your current license from an ICAO member state must be in good standing for you to request the FAA Restricted Private Pilot License.

Other specific requirements include:

**If you meet all of these requirements but are short of the 60 required hours, ATP offers time building packages to reach the 60 hour minimum.

Please contact admissions for details and a customized quote based on your flight experience.