ICAO PPL to FAA PPL License Conversion Guide

International students who have a ICAO/JAR/EASA - PPL/CPL/ATPL will need to obtain an FAA PPL to continue their training with ATP Flight School. Here is the process for someone to convert their foreign license to a US FAA license:

UK Pilots

All Other EASA Member State Pilots

Applying for the license 4-6 months before you visit us in the USA is the zero-risk option.

We have seen the verification letter come through in as little as 3 weeks, but it can take up to 3 months to come back. Once the forms are both submitted, the CAA and FAA will liaise and the FAA will send you a verification letter, usually within 1-3 months of the FAA form being sent off. The letter is valid for 6 months, by which time you are required to have visited the USA to get the license validated with us.

UK Pilots - Process 1

If you already have an old FAA license and want to change the number on it to a new EASA number, for example, then you need to follow this procedure and go to the Gatwick desk in person: CAA Form SRG2110

UK Pilots - Process 2

  1. Fill in CAA form 1 CAA FORM SRG1160.
  2. Once payment receipt has been confirmed fill in FAA form 2: CAA FORM SRG1160
    ATP recommends that you also fax it to them and print out your fax receipt as evidence! (CAA fax: +44 (0)1293 57 3996).
  3. Fill in and send off FAA form 2. Attach copies of your CAA license and medical certificate with the application.
    • By Email (Recommended): Please email the signed application and documents to: [email protected]. NOTE: They currently do not accept digital signatures. They require that the application be signed in ink prior to scanning and transmission. In Section 11, include the following text: Orlando FSDO.
    • By Fax: +1 405 954-9922
      Get a fax receipt as evidence that they received it!
    • By Mail:
      Federal Aviation Administration
      Airmen Certification, AFS-760
      P.O. Box 25082
      Oklahoma City, OK 73125-0082
    • Payment charge: A total of $50 in cash direct to the FAA examiner will be required at the start of your training in the USA. You can check the progress of your application by ringing the FAA license office only IF they take longer than 3 months to issue the letter of verification (phone: +1 405 9543 261).
  4. IMPORTANT: No later than one week before your arrival, please scan the FAA verification letter and email it to [email protected]. This is now an FAA requirement and if not done may lead to delays to the start of your training.
  5. If your license number stays unchanged, your FAA license will piggyback it for life. See Form SRG2110: Application for Verification of a Renumbered license Issued By The UK CAA, after 17 September 2012 for the Re-issue of a FAA Validation (FAR 61.75 Certificate)

All Other EASA Member State Pilots Process 3

Follow this process on the FAA website: http://www.faa.gov/licenses_certificates/airmen_certification/easa/

All Other EASA State Pilots - Process 4

  1. You must ask your authority to verify the below information about you, and they must send it to the FAA on OFFICIAL letterhead paper, which MUST be signed by a duly authorised person. Then, follow steps 2-5 above. Information your authority must certify as correct about you:
    • Your name
    • EASA license number
    • Valid medical certificate expiration date
    • Current mailing address
    • License/ratings held
    • Remarks/limitations (The current license is not suspended, revoked or expired.)
  2. Your authority must now send the information by any of the following means:
    • By Email (Recommended): Scan the letter and email to: [email protected]. Please title the subject line as: "EASA License Verification"
    • By Fax: +1 405-954-9922
    • By Mail:
      Federal Aviation Administration
      Airmen Certification, AFS-760
      Civil Aviation Registry
      P.O. Box 25082
      Attn: Foreign Verification - EASA
      Oklahoma City, OK 73125