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How Long Does it Take to Become a Commercial Airline Pilot?

To fly as a commercial airline pilot, you will need 1500 hours of experience, which can be earned in about two years. ATP's accelerated commercial pilot training programs provide a structured timeline and shorten the time it takes to gain experience and meet qualifications. Receive the training, certifications and flight time needed to start your career as an airline pilot in the fastest timeframe possible. When seniority is everything, get there first with ATP Flight School.

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Commercial Airline Pilot Flight Time Requirements

The FAA requires 1500 hours for a pilot to become an Airline Transport Pilot. Enjoy the security of gaining those flight hours through ATP's guaranteed certified flight instructor job placement. In about 18 months, you will build the CFI flight experience required for the ATP Certificate and airline hiring minimums. Learn more about the steps to become a pilot and additional commercial pilot requirements, including frequently asked questions about who can become a commercial airline pilot.

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Flight Training

Are you starting your career as an airline pilot? Gain the training and certifications required to become a pilot in ATP's accelerated Airline Career Pilot Program. Learn more about how long it takes to become a pilot.

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