ATP 10-Hour Certificate Program

ATP Certificate Program10-Hour Flight Training

Earn your ATP certificate with this five day course. This program includes ground instruction, up to 8 hours of flight training and checkride preparation, and use of the aircraft for the checkride.

$5,995 / 5 Days

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Program Details Comprehensive Training at a Fixed Cost

Save time and money! ATP also offers a ATP CTP & ATP Multi-Engine Certificate program ideal for pilots who are looking for a comprehensive ATP certification program.

Required Items


Day 1
Check-in time is 8:00 a.m. Check-in includes logbook and qualification review and course payment.
Ground Training
Ground training will include a review of the Airman Certification Standards, airplane manuals, and the ATP Piper Seminole Training Supplement (which should be memorized prior to arrival).
ATP Flight Training
8 hours will be allocated to flight training. Simulator (AATD) time may be included, depending on availability.
Days 2-4
ATP Flight Training
Continue flight training to reach up to 8 hours.
Day 5
ATP Practical Test
Prior to your practical test, your instructor will review your application and paperwork and answer any questions you may have. The oral and flight portion of the practical test will take approximately 5 hours.


Cost & Payment

ATP requires a $995 non-refundable payment to reserve your class date. The remaining balance will be due at check-in.

Acceptable forms of payment are the following: American Express, MasterCard, Discover, Visa. Checks are not accepted.

Designated Pilot Examiner’s Fee

The examiner’s fee is not included in the course cost. This fee ranges from $800 to $1,400 depending on the location and is payable directly to the examiner in cash only.



This program is offered at these ATP Flight Training Centers:



Training for this program begins every Friday and can be scheduled by calling 904-595-7940 direct, Monday through Friday between 8:00 AM and 9:00 PM ET.

To reserve a training date, ATP requires a $995 non-refundable payment to reserve your class date. The remaining balance will be due at check-in, when you arrive for training.

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To be eligible for this program you must:

  • Be a U.S. Citizen or;
  • Be a US Permanent Resident and comply with TSA Requirements
  • Hold a Current FAA Medical Certificate
  • Be at Least 23 Years of Age
  • Have Proof of FAA Eligibility Using One of the Following:
  • Hold an ATM knowledge Test score report dated within the last 60 months and an ATP CTP Graduation Certificate
  • Have Documented Flight Time per FAR 61.159 Requirements:
    • 1,500 Hours Total Time:
      • 500 Hours Cross Country Time
      • 100 Hours Night Time
      • 75 Hours Instrument Time of Actual or Simulated Instrument Time:
        • 50 Hours Must be in an Airplane
      • 250 Hours PIC Airplane
      • 50 Hours Airplane Multi-Engine Land
  • Be Instrument Current and Instrument Proficient
  • Have Thorough Knowledge of Material in the ATP Piper Seminole Training Supplement
    (Provided to you before arriving for your training program.)
Required Items

Required Items

To begin training in this program, you must bring with you:

  • Knowledge Test score report:
  • Unexpired Passport (US or Foreign)
  • All Airman Certificates
    • Non-U.S. Pilot Certificate Holders: Call 904-595-7940 for Latest Requirements
    • U.S. Military Pilots Taking Checkride Based on Military Experience: Documented Military experience
  • FAA Medical Certificate
  • All Logbooks
  • Headset, View Limiting Device (if you have your favorite), Kneeboard and/or iPad

Training & Refund Policy

Flight times are approximate. You will receive flight training up to 8 hours, giving you approximately 10 hours once you complete the practical test. ATP allocates 2.0 hours for the practical test due to varying practical test times.

ATP’s training is provided as a complete program and not provided as training at an hourly “rate.”

At any time, both you and ATP have the right to terminate your participation for any reason. If your training is terminated, you will be charged $600/Hr. for Multi-Engine, $230/Hr. for Single-Engine, $150/Hr. for AATD and $30/Hr. for Ground School. If you elect to terminate your training, in addition to the hourly rates listed above you will also be charged $495.00 non-refundable course deposit.

In the unlikely event that you fail the practical test, you may obtain extra training as a one-hour-block program for $500. This will include flight training from 0.9 to 1.3 hours, ground school, pre- and post-flight briefings, and the use of the aircraft for the re-check (Examiner's fee is separate, and still applies).

ATP makes every effort to successfully complete your flight program within the allocated flight time. We have become the number one flight training company by consistently achieving this goal.

Fly the Piper Seminole Perform Advanced Maneuvers Skillfully & Safely

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ATP Certificate Program10-Hour Flight Training Locations

“I completed my ATP check ride yesterday… right on schedule… I had a very positive experience with your company and the ATP program.”