ATP Flight School

Private Pilot Finish-Up & Time Build

Get credit for previous flight training towards your Private Pilot Certificate.

$ / Days

Available only in conjunction with the Airline Career Pilot Program

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You Will Need
  • Private Pilot Finish-Up
  • Hours Time Build
Recommended Option

With only hours, it will be more cost effective to enroll in the Airline Career Pilot Program from zero time, without credit for Private.

Customized Time Build

Depending on how much flight time you have when you start the private pilot finish-up program, you will need a customized time build program to meet the 78 hour total time requirement of the Airline Career Pilot Program.

For just $205 per hour, ATP offers affordable time building to reach 78 hours total time. Maximize the value of your time building with ATP by getting a head start on instrument training. $205 per hour is a dual rate, with fuel, in GPS-equipped CE-172s or PA-28's.

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Full payment is due upon arrival for training. Allocate approximately $500-600 for checkride fees paid directly to your Designated Pilot Examiner. Please also refer to the Airline Career Pilot Program payment schedule.

Housing Option

ATP offers a convenient housing option for $200 per week. You get a shared bedroom in an upscale, furnished apartment with utilities included. (Phone service is not provided.) Call 904-595-7940 for availability.


Call 904-595-7940 and schedule your Private Pilot Finish-Up Program with the Airline Career Pilot Program. ATP recommends scheduling 30 days in advance for adequate preparation and to ensure availability.


  • All solo requirements must be met met per 14 CFR part 61.109(a)(5)
  • Most recent training within last 6 months otherwise additional time will be required
  • 3rd Class Medical or Better
  • Must also schedule your:
    • Airline Career Pilot Program class date, and
    • Time Build program (discounted to $205 per hour) as required to meet the 80 hour total time prerequisite

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